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March 10, 2015
By KennaWenna GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
KennaWenna GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
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"If your eye's could speak what would they say?" -The Book Thief

I've been thinking about talking to this guy I've been crushing on for the past five years and here's how it went.......


I began to over think the situation, what would happen, what could happen? I did not want it to be a regret that I would look back on in high school. Though I guess talking to him would never be a regret, but a privilege.

I kept on thinking what to say when I saw him after choir, how would I approach him and what would my voice level be like. Because I am not the loudest speaker, I can barely hear myself sometimes. Thoug one thought did appear in my mind, what would he do? Would he ignore me or would he be nice about it?

I then asked a friend, "what should I say to a shy guy?" she kindly said, "Approach him easy and say hi." I did quite the oppisite.

The bell wrung, yes indeed as I walked out of the choir door he passed me. I thought to myself we missed our chance though my feet turned back around and the next thing I know I'm tapping him on the shoulder.

"What's your name?" That is what I asked. Even when I already knew it, I asked that! He hoarsely responded "Why?"

I was speechless; I did not know what to say. I did not think about him reponding with "why." Then how shy I am I start to just say anything, I said "What do you mean why." Then he got a drink and stood there awkwardly.

After he took his drink I had nothing left to say I actually did not know what to say, so I left his side and ran to my locker. I really wanted to cry, though half of me wanted to laugh. I was brave to speak to my very long crush, I was proud of myself.

In the next few days I would see a change, I did not see him anymore. He stopped walking in that hallway and if I saw him in other hallways it was awkward and he would turn to look in a classroom to avoid me.

Though I figured shy boys are like that, he was not expecting me to come up to him that way or he might have been surprised that someone like me wanted to speak to him.

The way I see it, He was speechless as I was.

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