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Engagement's Disaster

January 23, 2015
By HafsaAhmed PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
HafsaAhmed PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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Revenge doesn't merely means hurting others, it sometimes mean being a better person than you were yesterday.

I was a fourth grader when this funny accident occured. That day was supposed to be big day as it was my cousin's engagement but little did I know that this could turn into an unforgettable history. My mom informed us about engagement party and alarmed us not to be late but my lazy siblings refused to attend the engagement. My elder sister had her exam the following day but my other siblings decided to stick with her not leaving her behind alone in this cruel world. God knows where all that love came from! Fortunately, I used to be outgoing back at those days so I jumped up in huge excitement, put on a cute dress and then stood outside ready to sit on the motorcycle! I guess it wasn't so embarrassing how three of us fitted on a single motorbike.

An hour later, we were entering beautiful typical Pakistani wedding or engagement hall. People were showing their flawless beauty and glamour, roaming around like they do most of the time especially on weddings as if they're walking on ramp. Out of so many people, I only knew my cousins and elders of the family. One of my cousins showed us her beautiful silver necklace for which she was so happy that she couldn't stop blushing. Ofcourse, I exaggerated a bit!

The main part of the engagement ceremony started when many close relatives gathered on the stage, started taking photographs with the bride and the groom. They were sitting on the sofa infront of hundreds of people probably feeling awkward. The way I see it, this is the most awkward part of the whole wedding ceremony! People stare just to have a look at the beautiful bride and the bride looks down as an act of her innocence. Modern brides don't do it anymore!

The stacked chairs in hall were beautifully covered with red and white sheets. My mother and I were sitting in the front while my father was at the end of the hall unaware of the terrible thing his youngest daughter was about to do. I was silent as the street, quite as lamb as I always am infront of my relatives, staring at my cousins' faces smiling and laughing at their talk like a lunatic without uttering a single word or joining their conversation. The atrocity started right after my gaze landed upon the soft drinks being carried by people along with the plate of meal in their other hand. I tried not to take a look at the dinner while teaching myself the lesson of self-control since I was closely related to the bride and should have my meal after the guests. However, just to avoid the awkward moment , I grabbed a bottle of 7up and made my way to the stage.

The stage was cramped with people. Each one of them was feeding the groom the traditional sweets called Gulab Jamun. I made myself comfortable on the sofa, sitting beside my cousin bride , enjoying the soft drink before the catastrophe hit the planet Earth. I held the bottle behind my back hiding from people. The photographers were taking pictures, taking care of every angle before my aunt told me to feed my brother-in-law  the Gulab Jamun. I was compelled, freezing as if I was told to climb the Godwin Austin or Mount Everest! but had no other option. The camera was rolling while the bottle was still in my hand behind my back. I was too shy to put it on the table and was afraid to put it forward for no reason so I left it on the sofa against its arm on the mercy of no one and stood up to grab the plate of Gulab Jamun.

My heart started clenching just when I heard my cousin shouting, standing in front of me, pointing his fingers towards the sofa before I followed his gaze and turned around. I was taken aback by the scene that hit me hard, making me forget how the world looks like. The soft drink had spilled over the sofa and was coming down from bottle like a waterfall!

Choas was created, people frowned, ceremony got upside down, everybody's whispers and shrieks struck my ears while I was there.. silently picking up my emptied bottle. Not to mention, a fear ran down my spines that left me shuddering with both nervousness and cold weather. I stepped back staggering, trying to down the Gulab Jamun on the table before I swayed a little causing my little heels to disbalance and  Gulab Jamun went rolling down the plate. In short, I dropped it On the table!

The bride and groom had to stand up from the sofa as if they were saluting my act of valour. The part of their expensive dress got soft drink-soaked unlike mine which was as clean as new. I had messed up everything, the sofa, the stage , the sweets, the video , the dress and finally the party! My brother-in-law tweaked my cheeks gently. Ofcourse, that was awe-inspiring how a 9 year did it all in less than 30 seconds! I climbed down the stage after finishing off almost everything while my elders and cousins got busy in wiping out the mess. That was embarrassing!

Hours later, I was heading back to my home sweet home thinking about all the disasters I invented. My mother was giving every inch of detail of the mess to my father while he responded by saying how bad thing it was. That became a hot topic for weeks. I was actually feeling guilty deep down. One day, I expressed this to my eldest sister while she was giving me piggy-back ride to the dining room as I was too lazy to go there by my own. She listened for a while and laughed saying it doesn't matter and that no one is accusing you. I was relieved but only for a short span of time.


Months later, I went to my granny's house and found out that I did something unpleasant that was caught on the video. My older cousins were laughing while I was intrigued, thinking of all the crimes I committed. Meanwhile, my maternal aunt was telling a story whose moral was " Smiling is the best policy" and that how a smile could change things.I wondered why ? Finally, my cousin put the CD of enagement in the player and video started. We were sitting on bed, staring the computer's screen that threw back its bright light on our faces, dimly illuminating the dark room. My cousin tried to hush us, alarming about the next scene. I gulped down my saliva while hugging my knees, preparing myself to watch the next scene as I saw myself in it sitting on the chair on the stage. The camera zoomed in my face and I scanned with my wide-opened eyes, my unpleasant act which could never ever be deleted.
      "I had pulled the most ugliest look on my face in disgust"

A roar of laughter followed later in the room.

I haven't forgiven that camera man yet.

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