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The Wonderful Sensations of Summer

July 12, 2014
Madmango SILVER,
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The summer heat only serves as an illusion.The best way to enjoy this heat haze daze is to sit outside, alone.
If you stare long enough,
you’ll get used to the
seemingly endless sky.
If you stare long enough,
the murder of crows
circling above will

croaking their

satanic tune.
If you stare long enough
you can enjoy the

unwoken summer
The world as you know it will disappear as if you woke up with amnesia. Be engulfed into the unpredictable heat haze daze, as unforecasted rain pours down.

The summer is not wonderful because of the blooming flowers (I’m allergic) or the bright sunshine (it burns), it’s the tingling sensation of the dizziness of the summer heat. Stay outside for a long time. Soak in the burning heat. Let it rest upon your face, your eyes, your head. Let it take control of you, and then you’ll feel the wonderful, unbearable, dizzying effect of the summer haze. Alone.

The Pond

The burning of the fiery ground contradicts the cold skin from the summer breeze (and not to mention, the AC from the room you were just in) giving your skin the tingling feeling of the cold warmth of the heat haze daze.

Lie down on the grainy, irregular ground, and press your cheek against the fire gathered from the flames of the withering sun, buried deep within the folds of the summer-battered, golden clouds. Peer sideways into the shadows of the pond as your stomach lies on the scorching concrete. Now you can see the world in a strange and peculiar way. Watch the dark reflection of the world glisten as if it was mercury folding over itself in gentle silver waves in a pale blue dream.

Watch how the pond stands vertically as if it was just a mirror on a grassy wall. It looks as if you could create a silvery trail if you ran your hand through it, but if you did decide to walk, surely you would fall into the endless horizon never seeing the pond again. And the coy--the coy--they flit around swiftly in a glass aquarium made up of moonlight. Unlike the real world, these coy can swim up and down with finesse--no gravity to pull them back down. In this world everything is free.

Sit up again, with the sky looming over the top of your head and the pond below you. Stare down at the pond and watch as the untraceable water ripples glide over each other, slowly dying while riding on dark bubbles and gray foam. The ripples seem to tantalize you as they run away from you--as if they are playing tag and you’re ‘it’. Try to catch one. You grasp hold of one. Lift it up only to discover that you held nothing, but empty meaningless dark water. Contrary to your expectation, let the disappointment wash over you. Again.

And again.

The Swing Set

Swing up to face the sky.
Swing down to face the ground.
With only chains to hold you,
Float up in the air,
Only to come back down--
Alone, of course.


If you see one, you feel magical. You have the sudden urge to catch one. So you take a jar, and poke holes in the cloth top with a scissor. The holes are small enough for the firefly to be kept inside, and big enough for it to breathe.

Fireflies. They peek out from their obscure homes to enjoy the feeling of the summer heat, at night. They are made from the sparks of Hephaestus's hammer that have, somehow, made its way down from the heavens. Their golden glow provides reassuring warmth in the cold, desolate night.

You creep up to one. Catch it. Let it flutter in the jar, its fiery glow bright and urgent. Let it stay there desperately trying to get out, wondering what was happening, as you watch curiously at the mesmerizing light.
Fireflies. When the stars rise up and the moon hangs overhead, the fireflies come out. They are fallen, glowing stars in the dark folds of the night. They are made from the leftover stardust of a long-gone comet and an already-wished-on shooting star.
If you catch one in a jar, you can’t bring yourself to let it go. If you don’t let it go, it will die, for sure.

It did die.

The sensations of summer certainly is wonderful.

The author's comments:
There are so many different sensations to enjoy in the summer. The scorching heat, swings, ponds, fireflies--all of these make up the wonderful sensastions of summer.

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