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We Can't Be Friends Anymore

April 2, 2014
By alixvillarreal BRONZE, Grandville, Michigan
alixvillarreal BRONZE, Grandville, Michigan
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“I just really think that we shouldn’t be friends anymore, we just haven’t been getting along lately and I’ve thought a lot about this so I just wanted to let you know.” Now that I think back on saying this to one of my best friends back in elementary school I wonder why I decided to say this to her. I’m sure I really did think about it a lot, but knowing more now and looking back I realize how dumb this was. You shouldn’t treat someone like this unless it’s a toxic relationship and it definitely wasn’t. All through the rest of that year, I remember thinking bad about her. I would go home and complain to my mom about things she did that I thought she purposely did to get on my nerves. Even though the things I said and thought were just me trying to justify the fact that we weren’t friends anymore...and it was because of me. Regardless of the fun times we had always had, I remember being so mean and ignoring her all year, even though I had absolutely no reason to. I totally took her out of my life. I regretted it and missed her everyday and I’m really not sure why I told her we couldn’t be friends...I vaguely remember the reasons but not exactly, and I don’t know why I didn’t try to work it out with her and become friends again. So, the months went on and on and we continued to not speak and ignore each other even though both of us wanted to be friends again, I think I was just scared of more drama, because let’s be honest, drama is TIRING. But we didn’t even have to approach each other because we were put together to do safety duty for the younger kids together. At first I was really upset and did not want anything to do with her but as days went on and we slowly started talking again and laughing, I realized how much I really really missed her and wanted to be friends again. We never had to talk through what had happened earlier in the year, it was understood that she forgave me and that I had realized what I had done wrong. That’s how great of a friend she was and still is to me. I know that I can always go to her and trust her with anything. We are still very close and she means a lot to me...we can always count on each other and go to each other in difficult situations. In fact if this situation had happened with any other friend, I’m sure she would’ve been the first one I would’ve gone to. Going through this and dealing with losing a friend, I realize how important it is to have good friends and build strong relationships, and that even though there may be disagreements, your best friends are always worth fighting for.

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