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January 26, 2014
By xofelicia97 GOLD, Saint Mary&#39s, Pennsylvania
xofelicia97 GOLD, Saint Mary&#39s, Pennsylvania
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"Give me strength when I'm standing, and faith when I fall."

As if Mondays weren't bad enough... Her day started out missing the bus, getting to school late, only to find out she wore her uniform and everyone else wore jeans. "Just make it through the day. You know what's waiting at home, everything will be okay." She trudged herself along. She endured stupid people, mean people, and just plain awkward people. But it would all be worth it. After a full 40 minutes of torture on the bus, she took two triumphant steps into her house. She made it through the day, and her prize had been waiting.
She ran to her hiding place, but it was gone. Crumbs and a crumpled up wrapper were all that remained. She couldn't hold back the overflow of her tears when she heard her dad say, "was that your subway?" Rest in peace, spicy italian sub...

The author's comments:
I take my food very seriously.

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