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The Way of Hope

July 26, 2013
By Maia Donahue BRONZE, Midland, Michigan
Maia Donahue BRONZE, Midland, Michigan
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Hope guides me through the dreariest day, and gets me through the darkest night. Hope is the lone bird whose euphonious melody pierces through a moonless night. The way blooming flowers unfurl their petals towards an endless sky full of dreams and possibilities. Endless possibilities. Hope is an all- consuming fire that rears her impetuous head and spits in the face of doubt and fear. Without the incandescent spark of hope, you are nothing. Only a shell. But if it is anything, hope is the shooting star who bears the dreams, wishes, prayers, and desires of the young and old, rich and poor, cheerful and desolate on her fiery back. Never, ever lose your hope. Because when you lose your hope, you lose yourself.

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