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The Chemistry Surprise

January 10, 2013
By Sar_liz GOLD, Warren, Michigan
Sar_liz GOLD, Warren, Michigan
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Chemistry class was interesting, but I always dreaded taking out my book and working on it, especially when it came to studying for the two big tests. These tests were important for me to get a good grade, and on the first of these two tests I didn't do well at all. I was very disapointed and confused, and this grade made me dislike Chemistry even more. So when it came to getting ready for the second test, the test that would help to determine my final grade for the class, I really wanted to get a good grade. To do this I decided I had better make some study goals this time. I first decided what needed to be studied and what I would probably need to understand in order to do well on the test. I read through my notes, my book, and some of my previous assignments, however I still didn't feel confident or happy with the way I understood everything. To help me understand it better my Mom found me a tutor. I didn't know how well the tutor would help me, but I decided to give it a shot. The first time I met with the tutor I told her some of the concepts I needed help understanding and we looked through some of my previous assignments. We then met two more times before the test. After every tutoring session she always gave me homework and I think this is what really helped me to understand the concepts. Instead of just meeting with me and helping me understand important things she also gave me homework to help me understand everything we had just went through. What she helped me the most with was understanding some of the chemistry equations and formulas. I had always hated these problems because they were so confusing. When I had taken the first test a lot of the problems on it I had forgotten how to do, or just was so confused by them that I couldn't figure it out. I had felt so panicked on this test that I didn't even know the right way to go about doing it, and afterwards when I realized how terrible I had done I even cried. I felt silly for crying, but I really care about my grades and this class I disliked was really taking control of me and giving me a hard time.

So not long after the third and last tutoring session it was time for the real deal, the final test. I was very nervous about the test and I didn't know what the end result would be, but as I went through the test answering each of the fifty questions that it had on it I realized that it wasn't so bad. And my efforts paid off because I got a B on the final test!

As I rode home in the car I was so happy. My parents and Grandma were so proud of me too. I really understood all the stuff now, which I thought I never would. And since the test I think about the terms more and use them in my everyday life! For a class I had once almost hated I now loved it, because I understood it. But what was ironic about the whole thing is that when I had first started the class and up to the very end I had wanted it to be over right away. The class stressed me out and made me crabby. I had dreaded anything that pertained to Chemistry. But now that I understood it I didn't want it to be over! I actually thought Chemistry was fun and I wanted to keep doing it, but now it was over. I was excited for it to be over, but now I actually thought the subject was fun.

During my preparation for the last test I didn't know how well I'd do on the test. I had really wanted to get a B, but my confidence was not high at all. But what really surprised me during this whole time was the fact that I enjoyed Chemistry now. I had never expected to think Chemistry was fun. I had thought that it would be torturous for me forever. I think what I learned during this whole ordeal is that sometimes you may think that you hate something, but truthfully once you understand it it can be one of your favorite things to do. In my case, once I understood Chemistry I enjoyed it. And if I ever have to do any Chemistry again I won't be as nervous.

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