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October 24, 2012
By AmazingGrace88 GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
AmazingGrace88 GOLD, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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No boys are worth your tears,
and the ones who are wont make you cry.

Ripping off her book bag she flung it across the room. Rage coursed through her bulging veins. How dare him—kissing another woman—that disgusting low life scum. The image of him kissing her was burned into her mind. The way he held her close to him, his hands gently caressing her way too thick curves. Again her anger surged through her. She wanted to scream. Two years spent dedicated to one man. Being the most faithful and caring girlfriend any guy would kill for and he repays you by taking the ice cold knife of betrayal and plunging it deep into her innocent heart. Angry hot tears fell from her swollen eyes. Her heart ached from the fresh wounds that now invaded her soul. Was she not good enough for him? Was she not pretty enough? She looked into the mirror with disgust. Her normally glossy blond hair was knotted and messy. The tears she let fall turned from ones filled with rage to ones that when dropped, a piece of her fell too.

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