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I'll Try to Help

May 25, 2012
By BritishLittleDemon GOLD, Washington Court House, Ohio
BritishLittleDemon GOLD, Washington Court House, Ohio
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You would have to be CR@ZY to think like me ;)

I’m always being called something. Most of the time its “You Retarted!”, “You useless child!”, “You stupid brat!”, or “You fat @$$!”
I don’t believe anyone should be called these, or any other horrible names. Especially from their family. The ones who are supposed to care for you no matter what you have done.
Those names can cause you and I mental and physical harm to us teenagers. Like self-harm, Low self of steam, and even the worst of thoughts.
But every time I hear any of these I always wonder “Why in the world would you want to make someone feel bad about their self when they might already feel bad enough?”
Everyone has a different point of view. What you might see as “Little Harm” could cause the most of unsuspected person to be the one to hurt the most!
It’s just not right how hurtful most people can be.
I’ve tried everything to fix my problems here. The authorities and social workers haven’t done anything. It’s been almost 5 years now since my problems started.
My grandmother and some of my aunts and uncles know what’s happened but they can’t do anything either. I’ve even told my teachers, the principal, and the school consular. But it all ends up the same way.
My mother lie’s to them all, convinces them that nothing’s wrong, and ends up doing worse than before. I can take anything my mother gives out, but my little sister (who’s 11 years old) gets it the worse, she can’t keep this up much longer, and neither can I.
It’s just sickening that our mother would treat us like we’re a low life scum. She just keeps repeating every day. It ends the same way.
She has taken everything my sister and I cherish close to us. It’s to the point that we won’t leave the house without being treated about “If you do…. Blah blah this blah blah that!”
It’s just not right. I’m 15. Most teenagers by now would of done drugs, done “IT”, or worse. But I haven’t done anything like that, and besides the only thing I’ve done that’s considered “bad” was run to the library while everyone’s gone or even go done to Mc-y D’s when I have extra money for the dollar menu.
I’ve gotten off topic but I since I don’t have anyone to tell my problems or other things to, I’d like for you to share your problems with me, I’ve never received any help but I’m willing to give it to complete strangers if it helps them.

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