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The Cutest Seams To Fade.

January 18, 2012
By EmoCinderella PLATINUM, DeSoto, Missouri
EmoCinderella PLATINUM, DeSoto, Missouri
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Age 5, I walk into my father's room,he has just gotten off work, he is tired,I can see it in his droopy eyes.I walk up to the bed and say,Daddy, I need 5 dollars, an adoring smile crosses the old mans face,and why is that? He asks me.I smile back and say, I need spending money. He chuckles knowing that he can not let his adorable daughter down and reaches into his pocket, pulling out an old wrinkled 5 dollar bill. A smile crosses my face and I skip from the room.
Age 13, my father is retired now. Laying in the exact same spot he was 8 years ago,I walk up to the side of his bed and say, Dad, I need 5 dollars. A confused looked crosses his face, why? he says sternly. Spending money, I say and smile. Good for you, he says slightly smiling out of the corner of his mouth. I put my hand on my hip and say wow, I guess I'm not as cute as I was when I was 5? Nope,he says, now go to bed.

It's amazing how times goes by.
Dedicated To: My dad, I love you Daddy.

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