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My Dog

October 18, 2011
By keziahseverything BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
keziahseverything BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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My dog was the best dog you could ever imagine. I loved him and he loved me
we were inseparable friends. It was when I was six I remember it like it was yesterday, there he was the most beautiful thing on earth and we got him. First he was a bit annoying but at time I got to love him so much more. No one knew what to name him and I remembered the movie homeward bound and I just thought of shadow the big dog so after that our little puppy began a new life as shadow. It was so hard for me to let him go especially when he had to go and get all of his shots, we had to leave him there for two weeks and that was so hard on me I was miserable I will never forget when we left him there how he started whimpering it was so upsetting. When we finally got him I was so happy that he was back home with us where he belonged. Over the years me and shadow became more inseparable than ever before, we played games I dressed him up it was the most fun that I had had in my life he was my best friend. Then one day THEY took him away from me and my family it wasn’t fair all the pain it caused my family and me I loved shadow so much but to this day I never saw him again. He was my dairy, my best friend, my little buddy, my swimming pal, MY DOG.

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