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a football game

October 17, 2011
By zebras13 BRONZE, Wyndmere, North Dakota
zebras13 BRONZE, Wyndmere, North Dakota
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There I was sitting on the side lines hoping he is not hurt. My brother is laying on the ground with a bunch of people around him. Is this really happening . At first I thought he was joking but then the ambulance pulls up. Oh no what im I going to do. I ask my friends to walk around with me they did . When I came back to where my mom and family friend was waiting for me so I cound be taken to the hospital. It was about a 30 min drive. But it seemed like a life time . Things were running though my head is he going to be ok? I was driving home with my dad and he said they half to go to another hospital.So they drove him to that hospital. He is in pain. then we arrived to the next hospital and they did not have the right tools. He had to go to a hospital 3 hrs away . he had his surgery he is fine thankfully. love you big brother that is my story about a football game!

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