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Typical Morning

September 16, 2011
By Mortie PLATINUM, Oak Run, California
Mortie PLATINUM, Oak Run, California
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I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock blaring in my ear. Its 5:30 in the morning. I reach up and turn off my pink Cinderella alarm clock and turn on my pink lamp. I toss off my multi-colored blanket and stumble off my bed, towards my closet, in hopes of finding something to wear. My room is a mess, making finding clothes near impossible, since most of them are on my floor anyway. Once I find something to wear, I head for my bathroom, closing my door behind me so my light doesn’t bother my brother, who doesn’t have to get up for another hour and a half. In my bathroom, after I take a shower, and after I get dressed, I brush my hair free of curls with my old blue hairbrush, brush my teeth, and put on makeup.

I go back to my room, and make sure I have my black binder, brown math book, and striped composition book, and my pens and pencils, making sure that I have everything I need for school. One I make sure everything is in my purple back-pack, I grab my phone off its charger, put it in my pocket, and head for the living room, after turning off my lamp.

When I get to the living room, I drop my bag to the floor, say good morning to my mom and dad, who usually are just getting up when I walk out into the living room. I then go into the kitchen to make my lunch. I open the cupboard door so the light doesn’t shine in my sleeping brother's face, and grab the peanut butter, jelly, and two slices of wheat bread. I set the bread on a paper plate, and grab a butter knife so I can start making my PB&J. When my sandwich is made, I slide it into a plastic baggie, and head back to the cupboard to grab a fruit bar, and fruit snacks, to go with my PB&J. I put my food in a little brown lunch baggie, and go to the refrigerator to grab a Capri Sun.

With lunch made, and about ten minutes left, I pour myself some cereal, put milk and a spoon in it, and go search for socks while my cereal soaks in the milk. Finally finding a pair of socks, I grab my shoes, and go to the table so I can eat my cereal. While I'm eating, I put my shoes and socks on, hurrying so I won't be late to the bus.

The buss arrives at 6:50, indicating an hour and a half bus ride, arriving at the school by 8:00 a.m. And that’s how I start off the new school day.

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