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my first love

April 21, 2011
By gryffindor_1992 BRONZE, Ha Noi, Other
gryffindor_1992 BRONZE, Ha Noi, Other
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Few days ago, I found you on Face book. I didn’t know if I should happy or not. With a halt, I sent you a making friend request and wondered whether you still remembered me, the ugly and shy girl sitting behind you when we were in primary and secondary school. The girl had a secret crush on you but I didn’t show it. I’m sure you didn’t know, did you?
When did my secret crush start? It may be in grade 5. After a long time of being absent because of football training for the provincial team, you came back to school with a new cut hair. It looked very cool, a bit ferocious but I felt you lovely with this style. Suddenly, I became embarrassed unreasonably. How stupid I am!
Then, you and I studied together in the same class in the secondary school. You were intelligent and had aptitude for math and natural science subjects. You were humorous, and always brought laughs to everyone. I sat just behind you. I felt very happy with this position because I sometimes looked at you without being scolded by teacher.
I remembered most the moment when you turned behind to ask me about the lesson and your hand touched my hand. It might have been unintentional but a strange emotion happened to me and made my heart palpitate. I was so puzzled that I couldn’t take my hand back. I was stupid, wasn’t I?
The emotion I got this time was cozier and more wonderful than I thought. I may never forget it!
Oh! What a stupid and naïve childhood! But it is deeply memorable! Now you certainly have new friends and new joys. You may not remember me. For you, the most worth things to remember are about our school and happy moments with classmates. There is no piece of your heart for me. It’s understandable and I will become reasonless to blame you for that!
You may never read these sentences. However, it doesn’t matter if you can read my confidences because as I told you don’t remember me.
I think it’s better for you. You don’t have to waste your time to remember. About memories, I can keep them for me, only me, forever!

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