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A Rusted Kitchen Knife and a Freaked Out Chick

April 29, 2011
By poundz SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
poundz SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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one day i was down at my neighbors house and we were home alone sitting by the computer playing games. then we heard something fall in her parents room down the hall. we were kinda freaked out at first but we were too focused on the game. we heard the floor boards creak in the hall way. first thing that popped into my head, "were gonna die! were gonna die! someones in the house!" and after that creak in the floor we both kinda just looked at each other without saying anything and heard that little voice in our heads saying, "get out of the house now before its too late!" we both got up off the computer, i grabbed my phone and we ran into the kitchen and didnt look back for nothing. "my phone!" she said quietly. i whispered to her, "forget it! i got mine, dont go back in there!" she didnt listen. i stood at the corner of the wall and was just waiting for someone to pop out from the hallway. but nothing happened. she returned to the kitchen. "we gotta get out of here now," i whispered. we started walking. i grabbed her arm. "wait! we cant just walk through here empty handed." i grabbed the first thing i saw, a rusty kitchen knife. it wasnt the best defense mechanism but it was better than nothing. she grabbed a knife as well and, quietly, we tip toed out the back door. we walked through the back yard and passed her parents bedroom window. i looked inside and i couldve sworn i saw a tall man dressed in a black trench coat by the closet staring out the window at me. i froze and my neighbor got me by the arm and said, "what are you doing?!? lets go!" i kept staring through the window at the man. "theres a man in there" she looked in and didnt know how to react. then i got my sense back and we ran down to my house and my mom let us in and we just sat inside in shock. i told my mom but she just said it was our imagination.
my friend didnt go back home that day till both her parents and her brother got home. they said nothing seemed out of place when they got home. but we know what we saw.
i dont know why i didnt call the cops that day. i was so scared i didnt even think of calling my mom to tell her goodbye. but i guess i didnt need to after all. i know i wasnt seeing things. we werent the only two in that house on that summer day in july.

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