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Fantasy Life

November 30, 2010
By kailee313 GOLD, Havelock, Other
kailee313 GOLD, Havelock, Other
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My perfect world would being able to stand up for what I believe in. to be able to think everything’s possible with out being wrong. To be able to take the wrong path with out the thought of the trouble or death. To be able to rewind time or always have a second chance. Where there is no hate only love where no mean words were spoke, no tears that weren’t happy. Frowns were always upside down. There was a cure for all the sick so there for there was no death.

But this perfect world is only a fantasy witch we all can all dream and wish for, but it will never happen. You wont be able to stand up for what you believe with out being turned down by someone. There will always be one person who isn’t going to agree with you and going to fight against what you believe in. Everything isn’t possible there are certain things in this world that are just not possible. If you take a wrong path you don’t a second chance sometimes and always get in trouble. The wrong path is wrong for a reason, but you never get that second chance that some people need. Some people get it but some of them don’t and they are lost forever. There will always be hate, not everybody will love one another. Tears will be cried over everything not just happiness. Frowns will be frowns and there isn’t a cure for all the sick, so there will be death. But that’s life isn’t ?

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