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Dear Me...

June 22, 2010
By Hollywog. PLATINUM, Mole Creek, Other
Hollywog. PLATINUM, Mole Creek, Other
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Dear Me,
So right now you’re in the middle of grade seven, and you’re freaking out.
Everything is weird and new to you – you are starting to need to grow up a bit more, and you’re not sure whether you actually want to commit to the complex world of adulthood.
You’ve lost your best friend from simply growing apart. But even though it doesn’t seem like it now, she still loves you just as much as she did in primary school. And sometime in the near future, you two will re-discover your friendship and start anew. And it’ll be just as epic – trust me.
You are also in the middle of one of the hardest times in your life – figuring out who to keep in your life, and who to show the door. You will lose the two friends who you’re fighting with at the moment – and it will get worse before it gets better – but in time you’ll realise it’s for the best. You’re better off without them, as difficult as that is to realise.
And that girl who you’re getting closer to, that one who’s on your side? She’s the one that will become your best friend and stick with you through thick and thin. You’ll make some mistakes, but you’re lucky to have the sort of friend that will forgive you for them. A fight will separate you two, and you’ll both say things you regret, but it will get better, and you’ll forgive and forget. You two will be the sort of friends who cry at each other’s weddings, be considered aunties to each other’s children and travel at any opportunity, becoming broke after spending all your money on music concerts and festivals. Treasure this, Holly.
Ahh, and then there’s the issue of boys. You’ll “go out” with a few, but they won’t last for all that long. They’re just not The One. But next year, there will be one boy who seems to turn your world inside out. This will be your first experience of love – and it will feel just as amazing as you thought it would. But you will be the one who calls it off. Your life is confusing, and you tell him you don’t feel like you could handle a relationship on top of all that. I can’t stop you from doing it, but all I can say is you’re going to regret it. There will be one guy after him, who seems to make you forget your feelings. But no sooner have you forgotten about him, will he talk to you and you’ll fall for him all over again. I can’t predict what will happen in the future, but all I know is you have to get yourself sorted, and understand what, or who, you want.
I have one word for you: memories. The days you’re living now will provide you with the most amazing, depressing, crazy memories, and they will be so precious to you. Take photos, write your adventures down, live, laugh, learn.
I guess the main thing I can tell you is to keep holding on. There will be times where you feel like giving up, but don’t, because there is still so much left to experience.
Good luck.

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