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Immaturity To The Max

March 21, 2010
By MyTeacherMadeMeDoIt PLATINUM, Grand Haven, Michigan
MyTeacherMadeMeDoIt PLATINUM, Grand Haven, Michigan
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I dream of a world where chickens are free to cross the rode without their motives being questioned. (A friend)

“Hey want a turd?” I yelled to Stephanie as I casually chucked a chocolate chip at her.

“Wait, what?” dunk it hit her square in the nose. She swung her head back and forth a couple times ruffling her shoulder length brown hair. The whole lunch table burst out in a ground shaking laughter. By the time we had settled down I had already thrown more “turds” at everyone. Almost all of them landing on the floor, and a couple coming back at me. I had planned on sharing my chocolate chips because the lunch table I have decided to call mine is a very sharing community! So in turn I had approximately a handful of chocolate chips.

“Can I have a turd?” Katie asked. She held out her hand for one but of course I chucked it at her head instead. This caused even more laughter and more “flying turds”.

“I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Wait Steph I’ll come with.” I said.

“Don’t forget me.” Melanie added in her calm voice. She skipped from her spot with her dirty blonde hair waving behind her.
Standing up I shoved the clear plastic Ziploc bag of “turds” in my sweatshirt pocket. Steph, Melanie and I carefully dodged through the noisy jungle that is our lunchroom. Our shoes made a small thump thump, thump as we walked on the speckled linoleum in the halls. I pushed open the heavy wooden door marked “Women”. Walking into the first cream-colored stall I glimpsed Steph walking into the stall next to me, and Melanie taking the third. I took out a single chocolate chip and rolled it around in my hand. Until I made my mind up I just stared at its glistening brown surface.

“Hey Steph wanna turd!” I shouted and threw the chocolate chip over the stall. I didn’t care about saying something so weird in front of my friends, because well… were friends!

“Maddie don’t throw turds in the bathroom.” Melanie said from the third stall.

“I’m putting the turd in the toilet.” Announced Steph.

“Steph don’t waste the turd.” I scolded.

“There’s a tongue on my door handle.” Melanie interjected.

“Well that’s not weird at all Melanie!” I added in.

“Is it yours?” Steph questioned.

“NO! It was drawn on there,” Melanie said defensively.

“Oh! My bad” Steph quickly added. We all started laughing.

“There’s a scab on my door.” I announced.

“Seriously? That’s disgusting” Steph concluded.

“ I know right?” I walked out of the stall to wash my hands. Melanie and Steph walked out just after me. Just as I was pushing the soap dispenser Steph challengingly said, “It looks more like a booger.”

“No undeniably that is a scab” I continued. We dried our hands then walked to the door. I stuck my foot up towards the handle to open the door and Melanie asked, “What are you doing?”

“Well I don’t want to touch the door with my hands, that’s disgusting.”

“Just move over Maddie I’ll open it,” said Steph. The wooden door swung open at that exact moment and the literature teacher Mrs. Pietrangelo walked in. We fell quiet and let her pass. Once we were in the deserted hallway we all burst out laughing. Firstly at the questioning look on Mrs. Pietrangelo’s old wrinkly face, secondly at the recent “turd” conversation. I couldn’t help feeling contented with all this laughter. What a joy it is to just laugh! We walked back into the hustle and bustle of the lunchroom and Steph said

“Look at all the “turds” under the table!”

“Omigosh what a mess!” I said I just couldn’t help laughing and everyone started laughing along. After that Melanie started retelling what happened in the bathroom. Melanie seemed to take ten minutes retelling the story because side-splitting laughter was constantly interrupting her.

“It’s a good thing no one was in the bathroom,” Melanie concluded

“But there was someone in the bathroom” Steph said

“No there wasn’t,” I added

“Yea there was”

“No there wasn’t”

“Yea there was”

“… Are you sure?” I said apprehensively

“Positive”… the lunch table had fallen into an awkward silence… now the loudest of all we laughed and laughed until our sides hurt. It was unbelievable that someone was in the bathroom listening to that whole conversation. My cheeks started to blush an even brighter red than usual.

“You guys are so immature” Noah teased, her hair waving about slightly. I think immature can be a good label for me…only sometimes.

“I know but immaturity is so much fun!” I said. 11:21 had come and we were sent off to our specials. My cheeks were still blushing in embarrassment. In fact I think they still are!

The author's comments:
What a great time. I am glad I was able to capture a memory of me and my friends in it's true essence.

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