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What Not To Become

January 3, 2010
By sydney hankins BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
sydney hankins BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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I don't understand anything about adulthood. But I do know this, how you grow up is often what you turn out to be. And yes, time to time, you will need to ask for help from others, yet you never ever take advantage of someone like that.

Why? One may ask. Well... it's not right or fair to the person you're using. And how will you ever stand on your own two feet if you continue with this life of laziness. It's not fair that my parents worked their butts off to get from where they were to where they are today, and yet, here you sweep in asking for us to dish out money, food, and a place to live, all without even asking if u could do something to help out. In fact, you expect to just receive a "free ride". You continue to li, fight, distract, and take advantage of other!

Life isn't fair, I know that. And you know I know where you came from, but I also know you are a smart, kind-hearted person. Yet, I wake up each day and see that you never change. You know better than that!

My father has helped you out entirely too much. We want you too be able to stand independently. But how much more are we expected to stand by and be affected by this? You cheat, lie, fight, distract, steal, annoy, and take advantage of this. It's not that we don't mind you being here for dinner or asking for help, I mean we are family, but for four months! Its just... it's not cool. You're causing a disruption in our life. I come from a very normal, very "boring" life. My parents have worked hard to distance their family (i.e. my sister and I) from crazy, family drama such as this.

We have invited you into our home. We are trying to help you out. But you distract my little sister from her homework; you steal her candy. She's ten for goodness sake's and you took her special peanut butter peanut m&m's! You've caused stress to my nearly 50 year old dad. That's bad for his heart! My mom is constantly yelling and stressing out because of money, you're racking up the bills with you being here, haven't you hear about the recession? And me, I hate coming home. You see, I'm a perfectionist and I'm already weighted under pressure, but with you here...do you know ready I am to spontaneously combust? Even one of my dogs has been affected by you being here. You wanna know how? Your ex-girlfriend was constantly yelling at her, so she never comes to us anymore.

But hey, there's a silver lining to every cloud, right? And guess what this one is, when my little sister and I become adults, we know exactly what not to become.

The author's comments:
My inspiration is my cousin who has been living with us for the past three to four months, his now ex-girlfriend was there for a little while but now is gone. its in perspective of me lecturing my cousin almost as if i was his mom even though we are 7 and a half years apart. In my theater class, I used this as a three minute monologue so it's not as descriptive as it could be. Please comment/rate.

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