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Is There a Last Place Medal?

November 25, 2009
By Lauren Messenger PLATINUM, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Lauren Messenger PLATINUM, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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As I entered the Mobile station on Highway 83 I was parched. I grabbed a drink. A Cherry Coke…one of my favorites! As I stared at the bottle filled with the tauntingly tasty soda, I was about to intake, I noticed a contest on the wrapper. Stated in big, bold, yellow letters: YOU COULD WIN! As I grew more excited I opened the cap impatiently hearing that crackling sound. I turned the cap and looked only to see “Sorry, You are not a winner. Drink Coke, play again!” This does not surprise me.
Losing is a word common in my dictionary. As I walked out of the gas station I started thinking about all the activities I had failed in. What ever happened to those violin lessons? Or dance class? Or when I decided I was going to start a snow shoveling business at age 7? Then I remembered. Oh yes it was clear to me: I quit all of those.
During the days of soccer, I fooled my mom into thinking I didn’t have practice. With clarinet lessons, I lost interest so fast I didn’t even learn a single note. But this was Lauren. This is me. And if you knew me you would know this.
I am spunky. And funny. I lose interest quickly and talk way too much, way too fast. I have bad luck and am not a gold medalist or recognized for my achievements.
But just because I’m not number one on the Varsity Lacrosse team doesn’t mean I’m not a winner. I am a winner. I have achieved grades I’ve worked for and best friends I will have for a lifetime. Failing has made me who I am and will contribute to what I will become. A success.

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