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'Cause I'm Livin'my Life {part 2}

October 10, 2009
By chartothalatte GOLD, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
chartothalatte GOLD, Cleveland Heights, Ohio
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Trailing my only friend in homeroom, Emma, I go to my locker, place my belongings inside it, and go into the room. Mrs. Honey-Dixon is sitting at her desk listening to some kind of music I can’t recognize. Emma and I sit down in our usual seats. We stand as the announcements come on for the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge of Success. When the bell rings, I walk to Science Olympiad, one of my Middle School Scholarship Program courses. I love MSSP. Now that it has finally started, I think school will get crazier since I’m missing 5 class periods per week for it. As I walk into Science Olympiad, I see Ella, Garrison, Jamie, and Phoebe, the eighth graders who did it last year. I greet them with hugs and smiles and sit down on a table, only to be scolded by Ms. Lechleitner and told to sit in a chair. She could never really “scold” anyone. I think she’s too nice for that. I know she can get fairly cranky, but she’s a nice person. Mrs. Payhs walks in the room soon after me with 2 sixth graders and Danielle, a new seventh grader in the class. She was a friend from last year since she was in almost all my classes. I like her. I give Mrs. Payhs a hug and sit down before the bell rings and class beings. The double block class goes by quickly and I’m sad to go to Musical Production. I stop at my locker to drop some things off before running down to the music wing. Emmie, Kevin, Sabrina, and Justin are in this class. We always have fun throwing little balls of paper at each other and avoiding getting yelled out. It’s a boring class, but it’s better than singing. The bell rings and we sit down and wait for Mr. Richmond to star class. He tells us we are learning about lighting in the auditorium today so we load up on paper ammo and walk down to the auditorium, throwing paper at each other. Justin gets me in the cheek and we all laugh. After Musical Production, I walk back to homeroom and study hall goes until 11:00 AM when we go to lunch. It’s too early for me, but I eat anyway. I would much prefer to eat at noon. After lunch, I go down to Science. We have a test today. It should be easy. I studied last night until my dad told me to go to bed.
The test it easy. Afterwards, I pass notes with Olive and Allie. After Science, it’s off to Algebra where we have testing. I’m not very good at math, but I do okay. The test is fairly easy; I only have to guess on a few questions, but I’m still disappointed in my score of 226. I tell everyone I get a 230. They believe me. Danny gets a 260. I wish I could do that well on standardized tests. I always get low scores no matter how hard I try or how hard the questions are. It’s annoying, frankly, that we have to take them in the first place. After Algebra in the library, I have to go to Basic Studies. It is the most pointless class in my opinion. I haven’t learned anything in that class except for the fact the Lauren is a pain in the neck. The teacher, Madame Woods, isn’t bad; it’s just that the class is so boring! We watch interviews on the television with eight graders from some random school. After the first interview, me and Allie smile at each other and laugh. We only like this class since we have it together and its fun to laugh at the little clips they show us.
Next, I have French. I like French. My mom is teaching me at home so I can learn faster when we go back to France. I have the best accent in the class after Madame Woods, since she was born in France. I have been there and I have heard the accent so I have a better grip on it the other kids and I am 75% percent French. A friend on my field hockey team, Maddy, is almost 100% French and her accent is better than mine. We take notes on the seasons and the weather and when the bell rings, I go to my locker and then to Allies locker. Since our sports practices don’t start until 3:30, we have almost an hour to get special help in any subject. Since we both take Algebra, we decide to go to Mr. Williams and get assistance on the take home quiz due tomorrow.
He explains to us more about the distributive property and about the type of integer math we are working on. It’s not too hard, I just don’t get some of it. After special help, Simone meets me down in the locker room and we get changed for field hockey. I talk to Maddy about the game tomorrow. Sophie asks if I have any extra shorts and I give her them. The girls on the team are great. I’ve become good friends with a few girls who I never thought I would get along with. Coach Bradley comes in and tells us to get our behinds on the field or lots of pushups are coming out way. I love her as a coach. Even if she has never played field hockey, she is a really great coach. We hustle onto the field and shout words of encouragement to the football team for their game later. After running and stretching, we pass and practice drives before we start doing drills.
Practice always goes by quickly. I wish it didn’t. Field hockey is so much fun. My mom drives into the parking lot at 5 after 5 as I’m coming out of the locker room. I wave good-bye to Sophie and Meredith and get into the car.
“How was school?” My mom asks me.
“Good. We had a quiz in Social Studies I have to make-up tomorrow and a test in Science. Test was easy,” I tell her.
She nods and asks how practice was.
“Good. Short. Sophie and Meredith ran stretches and some of the drills. Don’t forget about our home game tomorrow,” I remind her. As we arrive home, I get my stuff out of the car and go inside where Victoria is sitting at the kitchen table finishing her homework. I don’t have much homework today; only an easy worksheet from French and English make-up work. I go upstairs and check my Facebook page before sitting down in my pink chair and working on my homework. It takes me about 20 minutes. I take a quick shower and throw on some sweatpants and a sweater. I can smell my dad making dinner downstairs in the kitchen. It smells amazing as always. He’s a great cook. I wander downstairs and peek at the clock. It reads in neon yellow-green number 6:36. My I talk to my father about school and field hockey and everything else he wants to know about and then we eat dinner of spaghetti and mashed potatoes. I smell garlic bread in the oven finishing up baking as we eat silently. I hear forks against plates and cups against the wood. It’s normal for the dinner table to be absolutely silent. My dad’s food is so good, no one ever talks, and we just eat.
After dinner, I watch TV with Victoria, review for my social studies test and brush my teeth. My bed is calling me as I waltz into my room and climb under the covers. I feel the sleep being brought upon me and sigh to myself quietly. My blankets are warm. I love the feeling of being wrapped in warm blankets. It makes me feel home. I close my eyes, listen to the rain tap the room outside my window and drift off into a peaceful slumber.

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Alas, here is part two of my 4:30 AM written account of my life.

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