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"Sorry Mom"

September 6, 2009
By Anonymous

“I’m home”, I felt happy. “Oh! Welcome back” my mother’s voice was happy, too. After that I went to the bathroom. “Hey! Kie do you want to drink tea?” says my mother. “Yes! Of course. I’m thirsty and tired.” says my parched voice. We drank tea together and talk about today’s problem in school. I smell balmy tea steam to comes up in my nose and make felt relax to me. The taste is fresh and I think about it. Today I didn’t have homework. So I felt related.

I went to back my room. I watched Japanese drama and comedians for 3 to 4 hours. My mother came to my room. My mother got angry say “Hey! What are you doing? Today you have homework right?!” I got angry and said “No! Today I don’t have homework for once.” My mother said “Oh! Really?! But then you should study by yourself.”I was strong and irritated said “NO!! I want free time, because I go to school study every day.”My mother never stopped asking me. “Yes. I know, but you always say that. Please, only 10 minutes is ok. I want you to study yourself.” I was mad and said “NO!!! Shut up!!” and wrongly kicked my mother in the stomach. I felt in a blind rage of anger to touch my mother’s stomach. My mother came up in tears on her cheeks and asked me “I’m saying this, because I’m caring about you. How come you can’t understand me!” I felt confused as my mother cried. After a minute I started to cry, stroke on my mother back and said, “Sorry, mother. But I want you to understand what I feel. School makes me so stressed. Also I will try to do only 10 minutes study by myself. Is it ok?” My mother cries less and said “Ok! Fine! I believe you” We finally made up and peace came back at home again.

I learned that my mother is always thinking of my future. She knows to study is important for a good future. If I do not get good scores in school, I will have a bad future maybe. So she gets me to study. She does not always talk about her reasons but I know how she has good reasons for her persistence in my study talk. I learned my mother cares so much. I felt thankful for her persistence.

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