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white lie

September 6, 2009
By Anonymous

“How was today’s taste? Wasn’t it delicious or wasn’t it salty? Can you please tell me if it was delicious or not!?” My guardian kept asking me while I was eating. Her limpid eyes were looking at me and she was ready to listen my answer. I always said “this food tastes absolutely delicious, I would be therefore unaware of what is happening around me while I am focusing on eating this food!” my hands and her son’s hands were shaking, because we could know what is going to happening next. She really likes to cook and it was always delicious. However, when she tried making new food, it was really horrible to put it inside my mouth and the smell was like dog’s excrement. Morning, dinner, and even one week, I had to eat that horrible food. Think about you are eating same food for one week Even though it is really delicious food! So I went to talk to her like a courage student talk to fierce teacher. “I am tired of this food, so can you please change the food so that we can enjoy the food?!”

At first, she ignored what I said to her and went to talk to the dogs with non-sense. She looked very poor when she was talking to the dogs. She was talking to the dogs without stopping for around 30minutes and I could see that she was thinking what to say to me. She came to me and said “okay, sure. Why not?” with her sad face, but then the food did not change that much. Sometimes, she gave me different food but then when she was not home, the maid gave me the same food for 2 meals, which made me to get frustrated again. One day, I went to restaurants near my house which is called ‘black canyon’. Black Canyon is only 5minutes from my house which made me to choose that place to go and eat. I have quite lots of friends living in this big village and when I call them, they always come and eat with me there. However, my guardian does not know about it which made her to think that I won’t complain to her about the food at home anymore.

Korean Mama, which is call “Shin Ramen.” It tastes very good every time. Most of Koreans like the Ramen and Korean people can eat it very often. The reason is the ‘taste’. The taste is very addictive as well, so if a person starts eating the Ramen they will always be happy to eat it. For me, I love ‘Ramen’. I can eat it every meal and the taste is not as boring as my guardian’s food. There are many ways to cook ‘ramen’ as well. You can cook it with egg, tuna, pork, Kimchi, and with almost everything that you can eat. It will give you different taste. Which is why I do not get bored of it. Sometimes, when I did not want to eat my guardian’s food, I just cooked ramen my self and ate and enjoyed the taste of it. My guardian said something about eating ramen too much. However, every time she said something to me about it, I felt like I can not say anything back to her because I did not want to look rude and I like to be polite in front of adults.

White lies can give you benefit sometimes and at the same time, you might get nothing out of it. There are sometimes that you have to white lie to a person you are close to, because you do not want the other person to feel bad. Actually, if you white lie to someone that you are close to, it means that you are hiding something from them.
Friends should not hide anything from each other. Imagine that they found out that you lied; they are going to be disappointed in you. Even you were trying to tell them a good lie; they might not like you to tell them the opposite things of what you are thinking. There will be sometimes you will not even get anything out from white lying, because even it’s considered as a good lie, you might be still eating the food that do not like.

In my conclusion, white lies are good to make the person happy. At the same time you are lying to your self. When the other person is happy but you are not, you might get happy because they are happy. However, I think that white lying is a bad thing to do even though you will look rude in front of the adults. If I told my guardian at the first place, I did not have to eat the same food for long time. Also, I did not have to think about what I should say to my guardian. Therefore, never do something that you are going to regret doing it.

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