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the technology age

June 6, 2022
By AsH-K SILVER, Phx, Arizona
AsH-K SILVER, Phx, Arizona
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Gen Z had a very unique experience, most of which stems from technology. Gen Z is people from the late 1990s to the early 2010s. Growing up with technology rapidly improving, we all knew what shows and movies were a trend, or what app was gonna be the new thing. Our generation has very different characteristics, things like our reactions to new things or how we find new information. The dynamic of the world is always rapidly changing and gen Z seems to always be one step ahead. 

Some of the ways we keep on top of current events in social media. Yes, every generation is on social media, but If you ever open an app you can see a significant presence from gen Z. Social media has evolved significantly from pictures of cats, with news stations and even movie studios using these platforms to keep the digital generation informed and on top of things. This became abundantly clear from things like the BLM movement, with Gen Z using these platforms to speak out and protest against police brutality. The speed that this movement spread was incredible, and it goes to show how significant of a place social media has in the world. 

This brings me to how we receive information. We carry information that scientists have spent millennials gathering, we have entire libraries and dictionaries in our pockets. If I ever wonder how to spell “Chiaroscurist”, I can find it out in less than a second. Gen Z never had to get used to this new way of receiving information, we grew up in it! Even our school systems were structured around this. The way we navigate this is second nature to us. Although this all seems like a great thing, it leads to some downsides. As we grew up we took in crazy new technology every week, and I phone would come out, then a drone, then a car that doesn't need gas fuel. These events led gen Z to become a bit numb to new things, it led to a boring reaction to change. At some point they can introduce jet packs and Gen Z wouldn't give it a second thought. There is one exception to this tho. The exception is the great film industry, no matter how many of the same movies you release with a different title, Gen Z would throw away their money to watch it. I think a major reason for this is the craze of Hollywood and social media. Hollywood is such a well-funded and amazing film industry. With crazy animations and graphics, Gen Z can feel like they are escaping their reality and stresses. Along with this the excitement built up from social media leads to a very successful industry. 

Gen Z has grown up with technology everywhere, with Gen Z’s experience the workforce is gonna receive a whole batch of skilled and witty workers. The world is soon gonna understand how technology’s generation is the smartest one. 

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