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The Enchanted Home

May 5, 2022
By Anonymous

It’s December 2012, there’s an overcast moving across the city which is a great time to tour an Airbnb. I am ten years old and I am on winter break in South Carolina with my step mom and little sister. My step mom decided it was a great idea for her and I to go on a retreat from the little gremlin and find a place to hide. We leave her with my grandmother to find a place to stay until she realizes she’s stuck with grandma for life. 

Warm, charming, soft, and old. The bed and breakfast and the guide were a perfect match. The guide owned the colonial property that sat on an acre of land with a gorgeous garden. It had several charming details like the old toilet from the American Civil War and a bedroom for the twins from The Shining.  Outside, the yard was big enough to have  a wedding or a tea party with the Bridgertons. The charm from the home to the yard never disappointed me once. It truly was a charming  castle. There was a walkway of vines and a seating area by a willow tree. Though there was an overcast, it felt as if I’d stepped into an enchanted forest. The guide's voice reminded me of my grandma. The woman had a soft and sweet voice that could make little gremlins fall asleep. Any time she spoke about the details about the home, I’d listen and get tired. As we go back toward the home, I tell the guide that I would like to get married or stay at a bed and breakfast when I am older. I’m now older and don’t want to be married.

Bed and breakfasts are for families, weddings, divorce parties and occasional getaways from little monsters. All around the world, there are Airbnb's and bed and breakfasts for people to reside. Similar to any home, the owners of the properties invite guests to stay over.  Except the guests are strangers that are required to pay you money each day they stay. If I can charge people to stay in my residence, why am I letting my aunt whom I haven't met since birth stay for free?  There are  services that take care of guests by offering breakfast items, having certain amenities and each of the  services that are listed treat you like the Queen of England. Yet, my aunt can lie around like a sack of potatoes and demand me to look after her as if I am her royal servant. Staying in my home and treating me like a servant for free is not satisfying. Therefore,  getting away and staying at someone else's property- that’s not mine- is a perfect vacation for royal pains.  

I’ve learned many things from the Bed and Breakfast owner.  Her good witch spirit inspires me to own an enchanted property. An enchanted property that charges people to stay and use my 151 year old toilet. To have a retreat for busy mothers and fathers that want to escape their child or children. From having a variety of services to a beautiful interior and exterior of a home, there are several opportunities of creating a source of income.


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Self-Evaluation/ Reflection

    In my essay, there were very few challenging aspects. Something that I found challenging was trying to figure out an experience that was similar to the model essay. This was challenging for me because I am a young adult that has never toured someone's remodeled home. Therefore, thinking of something similar to the passage was a challenge for me.  I overallI found it rewarding to express my sense of humor and having the ability to write what I wanted. I enjoyed having the freedom to express myself while writing. I didn’t  feel as much pressure to write a paper on a topic that requires me to do research. To  provide quotes and statistics from one or more articles. 

The model essay helped me understand what similar topics and senses of humor I could possibly use in my essay. Being descriptive of every detail within the plot of the story is what I found useful in my writing. Specifically using imagery in order  for my audience to visualize the plot and location. I used  similar senses of humor from the model in my essay for it to be more entertaining and relatable. Hyperboles, imagery, and sarcasm, I incorporated in my writing for the audience to enjoy.  I diverged my writing from the models by writing about my own experience and being authentic. Having created my own sarcastic and sly quotes brought out the uniqueness of my personality. Everything from the plot to the experience was similar and different from the model I chose. 

In conclusion, there were very few challenges I had to overcome. The topic and humor are  similar to the model but it’s my humor. Also, I enjoyed having the freedom to write what I wanted. 

The author's comments:

My favorite thing to do is travel and learn new things. 

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