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Elementary's Embarrassing Moment!

January 9, 2022
By Anonymous

Let's just start off by saying I could be clumbsy at times but now I am practcing with my self-awarness. lol. ps. In this short little story about a embarrasing moment I expirienced I wanted to let you know that I don't waste time making sure there is punctuation in every scentence so I will give you the story and BAM you get it. Alright here we go... 

One day ( Not sure exactly what day) in the 5th grade I was walking back in a line from music with all of my other classmates- Let's pause- This was covid year) So back to the story. As I was walking I caght my eye on another class and people looking at me. (Not paying any attention to my surroundings) As I kept walking all of the sudden I ran into a sign- Let's Pause- Becuase of the fact that it was covid year, there was a big sign with handsanatizer in it when you walked in the school. Back to the story. BAM- I ran into the sign face first and made my way down littarly standing on top of it on the ground. Oh come on I thought. This is one of the worst times to run into a sign. And if you are wondering why, well there is another 5th grade class watching me only 6 feet away. Teachers rushed to my side asking if I was OK. They then attempted rushing me to the nurses office like I was about to die or something which I WAS NOT! Turns out I had a big lip and some bumbs scattered around my neck, crying also if you were wondering. About ten minutes after they assigned me up to my class which I was mad about after feeling traumatized- When the left I rudhed to the bathroom to see how bad of shape I was and bruises running along my neck, and me just thinking how embarressing it's going to be to walk back in my classroom- "Oh Hi Audri" I said to one of my friends in a different 5th grade class saying "Are you ok"? and ofcourse sneaking a little laugh in there. Well who wouldnt just laugh with her, I mean. Well after that conversation I made my way to the classroom, opened the door and saw every face looking right at me like I was a ghost, sat down and continued my work. THE END! Trust me, we are al going to have our embarressing moments. They sure won't be the last ones. Just remember life is life and instead of just being a insider your whole life, face those fears and laugh with the rest. That probably didnt make any cense and was the worst quote ever made but maybe you got a little advice form that. 



   In case you are wondering, Yes people did fake hitting that sign. I just wished maybe one if the days as they were faking it, they would actually end up hitting it.. BUT NOPE! 


By: Laneya

5A girl with many mistakes

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