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Where I Came From

January 7, 2022
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered where people come from, their background, and what makes a person them? Some people move from different states, some never move, and some are always moving. I came from a small new neighborhood in St. Charles called Timbercross. When I first moved into this house I was younger, maybe around 3 or 4. I remember going to view this house for the first time and going from room to room opening all the doors hoping that this was the house we moved to. 

The neighborhood was small when we first moved there with houses still being built around us, it was interesting seeing all the houses develop and the people who moved in. The house had a lake in the back of the house that I would be too scared to go in because of the mud and the fish. During the summer we would have family and friends over and we would always barbecue and I would always watch them all swim, still being too scared to swim so I would just sit in the shallow part. Down the street there was a neighborhood playground that I would always make my brothers bring me to. I remember making them push me on the swings and play in the park with me. 

Everyone in this neighborhood went to the same schools and was around the same age range. This neighborhood was also connected to another neighborhood that was called Newtown which is kind of like its own little town area, it had pools, restaurants, and parks. Most of my friends lived in the houses around me but I also had a couple across the lake in Newtown. About 5 houses down from me lived a brother and sister who were the first friends I had met while living.

there and were very close to. I had a couple of other friends that lived a couple of houses down and down a different street but most of the time I would always be with the brother and sister every day. 

I had to move out of this house when I was around 7 or 8 years old, the move was very rushed and came by surprise. When the moving day came I had to say bye to all of my friends and I remember crying a lot and not wanting to leave. I grew up in this house and it was filled with a lot of good memories and I was not ready to leave it behind. I was scared I would never see or talk to anyone again and I was so scared to have to start a new school leaving behind everyone and everything I knew. 

Once I moved to the new house I was very scared and wanted to leave. Eventually, I began talking to the kids that lived in the new neighborhood while still trying to keep in contact with my old friends which sadly didn't last long. After a couple of months I became close with many new people around the neighborhood and in school, finally feeling okay with the move. 

The author's comments:

I am a senior at Timberland High School and I wrote a nonfiction piece about where I grew up. I feel like a person's background of where they grew up and the environment of that place greatly impacts a person and who they become. I decided to share where I grew up and the surrounding environment because I know that where I grew up impacted who I am today.

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