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Penguin Crave

September 17, 2021
By Anonymous

Penguin Crave

The anticipation of waiting to eat a well deserved ice cream treat at Penguin Palace is immense. The moment my parents shared the idea of going to the ice cream shop we all know and love, the waiting to go there had started. All I wanted was to go, that very moment, that very second. The only thought in my brain was shoving spoonfuls of that sweet, sugary, custard-like treat into my mouth. I wanted to lift myself up over the counter window that stood right up to my shoulders and shove my face inside to smell the mouth watering toppings and flavors. I wanted to eat the icy orange slush and sapphire blue vanilla soft serve that you can’t find elsewhere.  One of the best parts was the cold, hard, molded chocolate fish that they put on top. It didn’t taste like much, but it was special. 

That's when I finally get to the car where every turn and stop feels like it took a century to make. We take the last turn on the smooth pavement and I can see the magical building that holds endless varieties of flavor. The pictures of penguins somehow make it more appetizing. The menu displays meaningless words like hot dogs, pop, prices, blah blah blah. All I see is the glorious combinations of chocolate, vanilla, carmel, strawberries, sprinkles, and more. So many choices. Smurf, Simpsons, Barney, and other imaginative combinations. My all time favorite was Finding Nemo inspired. My friends had talked about another shop called Toozers, but nothing can compete with Penguin Palace. 

The line feels like it takes five years. That's the worst part. I couldn’t just sit there and watch as more and more orders were handed out to patient customers. The more I see, the greater my cravings get. But then, the best feeling in the world is when the worker calls your name and hands you the beautiful, delicious, colorful creation. Taking the first bite is like heaven on a spoon. It feels like the gods have blessed you, and given you a luxurious meal. I can’t help but devour it like I hadn’t eaten in days. Oh no. Brain freeze. I pause and hold my throat trying to use my body heat to stop the dreadful feeling. Once it goes away, I go back to slurping the slush like there's no tomorrow. 

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