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Sacramento , My Home

December 19, 2019
By HaleyHatler BRONZE, Sacramento, California
HaleyHatler BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Sacramento is full of the bright colored california poppy And the scent of fresh trees. Also we are known for being the city of trees  I live in the heart of the city in a beautiful house with a view of the american river . I live with my parents and my dog rosie and yes i'm an only child which is amazing. I go to a private school the christan brothers. I hang  out with all my friends at the local hangout spots the shops in downtown, arden fair mall, and delta shores. I guess you could say I'm living a pretty good life in my hometown.

In reality everything I just said was a complete lie . I actually live in what everyone consideres the ghetto. The scent of my neighborhood is weed and the scent of stinky homeless people. Everyone hangs out at the Martin King Jr library , Nobody actually reads , We all just mess and play around with each other and getting kicked out for the rest of the week. When i walk home all i see are fast food bags & backwoods wrappers . When i fall asleep at night I hear big loud barking dogs. 

   One of the biggest issues in my neighborhood is the homelessness. There everywhere, and there always asking for money , most of the time they want it to buy drugs or buy some type of alcohol. There in front of churches , stores, malls , and in  random streets . I hate to say this but there one of the big reasons why sacramento is so trashed . Someone should open a homeless center so the homeless aren't trashing areas and so they have somewhere to be . 


Sacramento is a pretty good place to visit from time to time . but I suggest . don't live here . 

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This is a Nonfiction essay I had to write to get credit . 

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