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Writing and My Legacy

November 3, 2019
By Ash_Hope BRONZE, Stockton, California
Ash_Hope BRONZE, Stockton, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Our greatest fear isn't that we are inadequate, our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Its weird, sometimes you know exactly what you want in life. You know what you’ll need to get there, who will be there. You just don’t know how. And sometimes, you do. But every other time, you have no possible idea of anything in your future. Key words ¨Possible”, “Idea, and “Future”. I believe that sometimes, you are given…hints on what your future may look like. But the thing with that is, it’s all…possible. Nothing is definite.

Anything can happen to the point where the train you are on, switches tracks and BOOM just like that, you’re headed in a different direction. As a kid, I was told “The world doesn’t revolve around you. You along with everyone else revolve around the world. You didn’t create the world, the world created you. He created you. If anything, you revolve around Him, as do we.” As a 17-year old, I’ve learned not to be 3-steps ahead. Just take it slow, day by day.

Another thing I learned is that I am a good communicator, and when people tell me things I listen. I actually hear what they are saying. And sometimes, if you can hear what people are saying, you really begin to understand. And If you understand, that’s the point where you can actually give good advice. It can help them, maybe even you too.

I’ve always thought that it was easy to talk to people. Especially people I didn’t know. There have been times where I tell people I am not close to or just met, things that are deep, and yet, I find it hard to tell those things to people I’m closer with. I guess I feel…judged. I mean I feel the same at school, but for some reason it’s just easier. And It’s not like I need anyone to feel sorry for me, because it’s not the end of the world, I am alive, and so thankful, what’s there to be sorry about? Nobody’s life is perfect. 

I don’t just write. There’s a purpose. I write to put my thoughts out there. I Write to inspire. I write to show the world what I am capable of. I write because that’s where I have a voice. That’s where you can actually hear me. Maybe the only time you understand me. My best friend once said “Be happy for no reason at all, that way no one can take it away.” When I write, I am happy. So no matter what I write, it’s not up to others to decide what I am capable of or not capable of. They can’t tell me that my thoughts  are childish, or what I’m saying doesn’t make sense. People can’t dictate who I am and who I am supposed to be. 

Sometimes, when I give people advice, I don’t know what I am saying, exactly, but somehow, it helps them. And the funny thing about that is, they remember it. And when they remember it, they take bits and pieces from it and they apply it to daily life. I find it funny actually, because here I am, not exactly knowing what they are going through because, I haven’t been living their lives, but I can still offer them a piece of me. A piece that they can always use. I haven’t been known for using my own voice, but helping others with their problems, offering advice, and writing, that’s where my voice is.

I want to be able to change people’s lives. If  I can just make 1 person’s day better, one day at a time, I feel like maybe I can achieve my goal. And I guess that’s who I am. I can offer a piece of me, but it’s up to the world what to do with it. I believe that you have the power to do whatever you set your mind on. Just keep striving. Keep succeeding. Keep being who you want to be in life. Keep this in mind, others can try to push you down, but you have the ability to either stand your ground, or let them push you to the ground. You have a choice, you always have a choice. Marianne Williamson once said, “Our greatest  fear isn’t that we are inadequate, our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” What does this mean? It means that it’s not that we are afraid of not being able to do something, its not knowing that we are capable of doing something that scares us. You have so many choices in life, you just have to find out which path you want to be on. It’s literally in the palms of your hands. I don’t know exactly where life may lead me, but I know I am meant to write. To inspire people, to help others. This is my legacy, what will be yours?

The author's comments:

Ever since I was young, I never had a voice, but taking up writing, it gave me one, and I want to show the world what I can do. So I wrote this to show everyone a piece of who I am. 

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