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The Best Gift of All

March 7, 2018
By k_becker BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
k_becker BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In October of 2006, when is was only four and a half years old, my family began to discuss getting another dog, but I never thought we would. “Girls, get in the car,” my mom said.
Why can’t we ever just stay home? I thought. 
“Hey, Mom, where are we going?” I asked.
“You will have to wait and see, kid,” my mother told me.

The car ride seemed like an eternity, but it was only thirty minutes.  My family and I were only going to Oakwood, which is not hours from our house. Once we stopped, I realized we were at someone's house I have never been to before, and it was kind of scary. I hopped out of the car along with the rest of my family. My mother walked over to a man and started talking to him as if she knew him. We all walked over to the reddish-brown barn and went inside, and I saw a bunch of little beagle puppies, all of which were very cute.

“Kate, go ahead and pick a puppy,” my mother said gently. “Try to pick the cutest one.”

I looked at all of the little puppies, trying to figure out which one I wanted. Finally, after looking for what seemed like forever, I saw the one. She was black, white, and brown.She had the biggest, cutest eyes, but she was also cute, not just her eyes. Her fur was soft like peach fuzz, so we decided to name her Peaches. Peaches was, and still is, very sweet like a peach.

The cost of the dog was very little. Once we paid for her and took her home, we realized that she was very lazy, but we did not care. We loved her anyway even if she was the laziest dog in the world. When we arrived home, told my mom, “Thank you! Thank you!”

She is very important to me because she was my friend when I had no friends and nobody would talk to me.  My new dog became very precious to me after my other dog died right near me. This became the best gift of all gifts I have ever received, and to this day she is still the best gift I have ever received.

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