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Sometimes I Feel

February 15, 2009
By Jasmine11010 PLATINUM, Arkansas City, Kansas
Jasmine11010 PLATINUM, Arkansas City, Kansas
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sometimes i fell like i only get talked to for the things i have. That people dont truly want to get to know they just want to see how much they can try to get me to do befor i say no then want to get mad when i do say no. They want to say hurtful things to try to brak me down sometimes it dont work but other times it dose. i dont show the pain i fell because sometimes i fell ike people dont understand how i fell and no on ever will. no matter how many times i try to explain it to them. sometimes i feel like people jude me because of how i act. the say im this and that and dont take the time to really get to know me. they think im selfes bcause i wont take the time to try to explain something to them when i know deep down they truly wont know how i feel or they wont understand the things im going through with out tellin my life story. only i know eveything about me and sometimes i feel like i wil ever be the only one who dose. sometimes i feel lik my life is a best seller. a book that if you dont read it all you wont get it. you cant jump around because if you do you wont get to real me. my life can paint a picture of someone totaly different if you dont or even want to take the time to understand it. im am goin to need hours days weeks mounts and years to explain my life for you to u understand cuz its not over yet. sometimes i feel like just givin up and saying wheat evr. not wantting to take the time to explain it and just lettin it go, starting a new life that i make up as i go, but then i would just be lieing to everyone. so maybe i should stop wanting people to learn about me and just be happy. sometimes i fee at peace l feel like not mater what i do t will get better when im with you . you talk to me when im down or when i just want to talk. sometimes i feel like what we have is wat real true love should be but i have not found it yet with someone cuz i know we cant be toghter, sometimes i fell that im got through the things i am to better my self and sometime i will get everything i ever wishes for to make my life better because sometimes i feel happy.

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