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The Drummer Boy

December 18, 2015
By KennaWenna GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
KennaWenna GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
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I turned him down after I asked him out, although I only asked him out to get his attention. That was my seventh grade year and my friendship with the greatest drummer boy was sliding down hill, because I broke his heart. 

In high school the drum-line was my best friend and that was something we both had in common. I began to see him more, because he was a snare and I was a cymbal. 

I guess or I suppose that the drummer boy did not know how to show his feelings or even know how to show how he cared, so I took his actions as a ray of hope; so I waited for the drummer boy.

My feelings were always the same during high school, I liked the drummer boy, but I was scared to be attached to someone that liked me. I wasn't ready to date....

My senior year I found the courage to tell the drummer boy about how I felt, but I was too late for his longing heart. I guess the heart of a seventh grader died when it reached tiredness of getting to me. 

The drummer boys' heart belonged to a girl just like me years ago, but not like me she was willing to be his friend. 

I regret not saying yes to the drummer boy years ago, because I know if I did my life would be fullfilled with lifelong friendships and the will to take a chance on someone.

I blew my chance with the drummer boy...... Today the drummer boy and I are too distant. We talk, but we aren't close like I have wished; I think when the two us catch each other looking sometimes I believe that he remembers what I did to him and how I let him down. Though when I look at him I see a boy becoming a man, a boy that is amazing at the drumset, a boy who doesn't use his beautiful smile, and a boy I really wish I knew.

He knows now, but I know he doesn't care; now all that is left to say: Its good feeling to love "the drummer boy." 

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