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Me and My Friends

December 20, 2012
By brittafischer PLATINUM, Dulles, Virginia
brittafischer PLATINUM, Dulles, Virginia
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"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em"

Writing is something I do to escape, to leave the world I live in and enter another that I may or may not wish I were part of. I write about crazy old women who pig out on pizza, and then to work it off, go mall walking. I write about girls without the perfect parents, because I don’t know what that’s like, but I like to explore other horizons. Sometimes, just for the heck of it, the classic story of boy meets girl appears on my page. I write to escape, but some days I appreciate that my life is pretty perfect and those are the days I decide to write about myself, or at least write about someone or something in my life.

My friends are crazy human beings, and I can truthfully say that there is no other way I can describe them all at the same time. They’re insane. Of course, high school is a time to explore, not only yourself, but also other parts of the world that have puzzled or intrigued you. Take, for instance, Ami – who’s full name is Amina, but everyone just calls her Ami – she became a vegetarian on a bet that she couldn’t last a full month. She proved everyone wrong by lasting a full five years. That piece of information doesn’t even begin to describe the half British, half Nepalese beauty who dates John Haynes. There’s more about him later. Ami is what we “tumblr” folk call a fan girl. And, yes, I admit that I am one as well, but I get excited about a whole different ship (it’s a tumblr thing). Ami is in love with David Tennant. You may know him as the 10th Doctor, or as Barty Crouch Jr. from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – my brother refers to him as the “creepy tongue guy”. So, Ami has a love affair going on with David Tennant, which is okay with John, because he feels the exact same way about him. They tell each other everything and I mean, everything. Also a vegetarian, John brings certain maturity to the group – at times – but then he has the ability to take it away with a single word. These two have one of the strongest teenage relationships I have ever seen. In fact, they sicken some of us at times, with their PDA level being at a million out of ten. We’ve taken to calling them Jami, and they live like those kids you see in the novelty cards pretending to be an older married couple at a tea party or enjoying an evening by the fireplace with glasses of champagne.

John the cowboy (he enjoys wearing cowboy boots and bootleg cut pants, he also wears checkered shirts and sometimes adds a bolo to his fashionable statement) brought another important member of my friendship group into the mix. Ajit Elhance – a half Korean, half Indian boy with a vivid imagination, as well as a super powered brain. Conversations that interest Ajit are ones such as “What is the meaning of life?” “If a tree falls in a forest with no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” and “What will happen to the earth’s population if a third world war does occur?” I just go with it and try to add knowledgeable comments. Sometimes I just pretend to be listening and doze off into a land of daydreams. Ajit was my Prom date, an event he is truly not interested in. However, since he is such a genuinely sweet guy he agreed to dress up and take me without a single complaint, which was a feat to remember. My backup Prom date was Reggie Reguidin, who prefers to call himself Reggie RStyles – his dance persona. We made a deal at the beginning of the school year, that if we were both single, we’d go together. Yes, we stole the idea from “How I Met Your Mother” – do not judge us. But, it didn’t work out anyways because the jerk went and abandoned me for his girlfriend of 6 months. Now you can judge. Just kidding (not really). Honestly, Reggie is my closest friend of the group, and probably the best friend I’ve ever had. Of course we disagree on things, but we share three profound loves. They are; our love of Canadians but our even stronger love of making fun of them, talking about things with each other that we don’t tell anyone else, and arguing about smoking any kind of anything. Of course, there are many other things we enjoy together, like I love watching him dance, and he enjoys me making scrapbooks for him. You’re welcome by the way.

So, through Reggie, I met Hunter – a positively wonderful guy who swears a lot. It’s okay, I got used to it. He’s a fantastic basketball player and he has one of the best laughs I’ve ever heard, because it’s funny, so it makes other people laugh. He likes the show “Adventure Time”, which is something I’ll never understand, and is surprisingly good with kids. Hunter also has a defined style, which consists of basketball shorts, big bulky shoes and a baggy t-shirt. He also always wears his grandfather’s dog tags, which clink around when they’re not under his shirt. Hunter’s girlfriend is named Hannah Lavender – a lovely Canadian girl who has somehow developed an American southern accent. No one gets it, don’t worry, it’s not just you. Everyone in the group was worried about their relationship at first – even though we all saw it coming – because we thought it was going to disrupt the dynamic of our close and unique friendships. But, it turns out we had nothing to fear because they stayed together and became another strong couple beside Jami. We couldn’t come up with a joint name for them – though I think we may have settled on Fender because Hunter’s last name is Fenn, and I’ve already mentioned Hannah’s. The other Canadian whom I am close with, is Hannah’s sister – Cora May Lavender – a name that truly defines her “hippiness” as another one of my friends chooses to call it. I’m not sure what the reasons are for this name choice except maybe the way she dresses. Feathered earrings, loose flowy tops and colorful pants are Cora’s choice of wardrobe. That’s probably why she’s called a hippie – also – she used to be a vegetarian and she loves animals. She owns a chicken from which she gets her own eggs – but that’s not hippyish at all.

The final member I must speak of is Allanah – whose first name is really Bethany – but because of middle school taunting, she decided to go into high school using her middle name. Her haircut is truly beautiful, and she does work hard on it every day, brushing, straightening, combing and adding a touch of styling cream. I truly admire this, because, as someone with curly hair, I know I could never go through that every morning. But aside from her hair, she has a unique talent for drawing and is going to work for Pixar someday, telling stories through art. She enjoys “The Legend of Korra” “Adventure Time” and adores “The Game of Thrones”, going through the whole first season in one day.

So, there you are, my friends, none of whom I could survive without. I love them all, and as Allanah says, “One day, my kids are going to call you all aunts and uncles.” And that’s just because we know we’re going to stay friends forever… Yeah that was a really cheesy ending, but hey, it’s probably true.

The author's comments:
I've been missing my friends. They're all off at college and I decided to write a fun, witty piece about them.

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