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Remembering Rugrats

March 14, 2011
By ElizNieves PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
ElizNieves PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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Cartoons are a childhood staple. They can keep any kid glued to the television. There were talking dogs, flying squirrels, and crime-fighting babies—also known as the Rugrats. Rugrats was my favorite T.V. show when I was younger. Unlike most little girls, I did not imagine myself as a princess. I imagined I was a Rugrat.

Saturday mornings, I woke up, and instead of preparing for school, I stayed in my pajamas, ate my cereal (Coco Puffs) and plopped on the couch. I did not wait for my younger brothers to join me as I changed the channel to Nickelodeon. If Rugrats was not on, I would wait and watch whatever other show was playing (generally Where Are You, Scooby Doo? or The Powerpuff Girls). When the Rugrats finally appeared on the television screen, I became extremely happy.

Tommy, Phil and Lil, and Chuckie were my heroes. Tommy’s cousin, Angelica, was the show’s antagonist. She was a few years older than the Rugrats, but they defeated her every episode with their imaginations and sometimes a few toys in hand. Sometimes, I pretended to be fighting Angelica, too.

Whatever I was doing and wherever I was, I made sure it did not interfere with my viewing of any Rugrats episodes. I would be at my grandma’s house or my friend’s, and I would demand to watch my show. I kept my little body planted on the carpet in front of the T.V., clear of any distractions. During commercials, I used the time to maybe eat or go to the “potty.”

One particular episode, the one where the Rugrats and their parents go to a plant shop, “The Jungle,” I still remember as my favorite.

That episode was styled like an Indiana Jones movie. Tommy led the gang through a jungle-like bundle of flowers and vines. To the Rugrats, the plant shop was the Amazon. It was fun to watch them escape from their parents’ grasp and explore the shop. The episode displayed a child’s genuine imagination with vivid colors and plenty of laughs. The Rugrats encountered a deep river, crocodiles, and snakes. They “fought” their way back to their parents, scared—except Tommy. Their fearless leader brought them back to reality, but I was still in an imaginary world.

What would have happened if I was in a plant shop and it turned into a jungle? I would be scared! The six-year-old me would have probably hid in a tree. I could not have possibly survived facing crocodiles! I would have cried for my mom and dad. Luckily, I knew the Rugrats would have rescued me if I were in trouble.

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