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April 16, 2009
By October_Moon GOLD, Maywood, California
October_Moon GOLD, Maywood, California
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Noise. Everything has it. The teacher may say be quiet, but there's still noise. Not the kind that you notice right away,the kind that you really must look for. Just 'cause no one is talking doesn't mean that it's silent. (crackle, woosh) Pages being turned. (sighs, gasps) Peole's uneven beathing. Sniffles of noses. The shaking metal from the damaged AC. The ticking of the clock. Feet rearranging their position under chairs and on table legs. People's posture changing, very frequently. The readjusting of chairs and desks. And even when there is none of that, the silence is LOUD. Like if your ears are going to pop. (clack, clack, clack) A pencil tumbling down a desk. (woosh) A hand saves it out of reflex. Beats, being made by fingers, hands, and feet. The swinging of feet under a desk or chair. It's always there, you just need to listen.

The author's comments:
i noticed this one day while sitting in class during a test

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