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Champion, Sort Of?

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Brett W, 18, has two major hobbies: playing football and driving his car. They don’t seem like two things that would go together, but on one night they combined to make an interesting story.
“The day started off good, but after we got back from the game everything went bad.”
W has been on the Arrowhead varsity football team for three years. Even though he doesn’t play much, unless they are winning by at least twenty points, he still loves the sport and tries hard to earn a starting spot.
His story comes from the state game in 2007 against Homestead High School and the events that happened after the game.

“Our guys just wanted to bring the beat down after losing state last year.”

Bring the beat down they did. W even got to play for parts of the third and fourth quarter.
“I was happy to help shutdown Homestead’s offensive game.”
The clock ticked down to zero and the victory celebrations began. The team received their trophy. Soon they would be on their way home.
Back at Arrowhead, W grabbed his gear and put it in his car. Soon he would be at his friend’s house for the victory party.
“The traffic was dense from all of the football players leaving at the same time. I just couldn’t believe what happened when I got out of the campus. It turned such a great night into a disaster.”
W decided to put in a hard rock CD to celebrate while he was driving. He looked down, put the CD in, and looked up. Traffic came to a halt. He slammed on the brakes. It was too late. He rear-ended a fancy, new Escalade. Already freaked out of his mind, he froze. After a second he pulled off to the side of the road. So did the Escalade. A short man got out and came into his window.
“Why did this happen? It was my first accident ever. The short, rich snob didn’t make it any easier.”
The night changed, instead of hanging out with friends at a party, W was stuck listening to a jerk scream at him.
“He said the car was brand new and I would have to pay for it. He was rich I don’t know why he couldn’t deal with it on his own. There was barely even a dent.”
In the end, W’s insurance took care of the payment, but now his parents make him pay for his own insurance, gas, and maintenance.
“It started as a great night. Now I’m giving half of my paycheck to my parents to cover my insurance and have to spend half the rest on gas.”
This shows how even the best times in life can quickly turn into serious life changing situations.

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