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A Real Love Story

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

“We are the typical story of ‘high school sweethearts’ and we’ve been together since.” As Pamela, age 42, exclaimed, a sense of excitement came over her.

“How did you and David meet?” As the question was asked, a smile ran across her face.
Liz decided to give some background to how they met. “Ok so first I need to tell you that post college dating sucks. Where are you going to meet someone: a bar?—No; the internet—No I don’t want to tell people I met someone on like EHarmony,” as she laughed with the class, “Ok lets think then at work? NO! Who would I go for … Desotell? NO!”

As Liz continued to name off some prestigious single teachers, she followed into how Barry and her were introduced.

On a random night Liz and her friend at the time, Ty, decided to invite over another couple for drinks before heading out to the bar. When Liz first saw Barry she could help but tell herself, “Oh he’s cute …”

As the night continued Liz became even more attracted to him, especially when she needed a partner for darts. “I’m not bad at darts at all, so I don’t know why Ty wouldn’t want to play with me.” As she laughed it off the nominal feeling of lust came about her.

As the next four years continued, Liz explained that Barry was not an ilk as the other men in her life had been. “He knows I’m not a romantic person, like he would give me flowers at the beginning of our relationship but I would be like why do I need those? Then I need to throw them away, take them to the garbage, and then it makes it smell! Why do I need that?” Barry learned quickly that those were the types of thing that would not impress her. “For my birthday this year he got me season tickets for the Marquett basketball games; those are the type of things I enjoy.”

When asked about marriage Liz seemed to shy away from the topic; but you couldn’t help but hope this fairy tale has as good of an ending as the beginning.

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