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GHHS Football History

December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

The Granite Hills High School Football team, giving everything they’ve got every year to make it to the end taking every hit and giving it all to make their fellow Eagles proud. Granite has a huge history behind the helmet, a history that has made them who they are today.
Granite Hills High School started a football team back in the year of 1961 when Granite Hills first started. Granite Hills started out their first season as a team to definitely be afraid of beating their first opponent Hilltop High School with a winning score.
Some of the best years for the Eagles seemed to be around the seventies and the eighties. In the year of 1976, Granite had the best year yet leaving the season with only one single loss by Oceanside High School. The year of 1982 was another good season with only one loss in their record and being able to get all the way to the stadium for the final game and lost. Granite Hills had an undefeated season until the playoffs came around the corner.
After a while of playing every season, Granite’s Football team eventually made a certain rival called Valhalla High School. It appears that so many students from Granite Hills kept switching to Valhalla and students from Valhalla switched to Granite Hills to be on their football team. After short period of time, some Eagles still had Valhalla blood running through their veins and something so little had eventually arose into a huge rivalry between the two schools. “Even some of our students are switching to Steel Canyon High School, we may have a new rivalry emerging” -- said Football Head Coach Dewitt.
Some of Granite’s best players in history have Joe Roth, Tommy Vandel, and Bryan Giles. Joe Roth was one of the team’s best quarterbacks making it into the top ten list of star players for the Heismen Trophy. Tommy Vandel, a player who attended and played for Stanford College and was eventually drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Then there is Bryan Giles, who after high school decided to switch to becoming a professional baseball player and now plays for the San Diego Padres. “Granite Hills has always been known for their football team, but things start to change” said Coach Dewitt.

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