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An Interview With Sabi Shaikh

October 15, 2014
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Favorite Quote:
Good opinion once lost, is lost forever.

"In all seriousness, Goverdhan Sharma,59, says no interaction should be allowed between Hindu girls and Muslim boys. Sharma speaks softly and slowly about 'Love Jihad', a term coined by right wing groups to denote marriage between Hindu girls and Muslim boys and alleged subsequent conversion of the girl"
- Hindustan Times
Goverdhan Sharma is a BJP candidate.




In such an atmosphere where terms like Love Jihad and honour killings are used, the market is flooding with a book named "Via Delhi- a twisted tale of love", a story about a Muslim guy who is deeply in love with a Hindu girl.
It's a story about a Muslim guy who can bow his head in front of Lord Krishna, simply because he is the favourite god of the Hindu girl.
It's a story where the sister of the Hindu girl talks about honour killing.
It's a story where the family of the Hindu girl pressurizes her to marry and become a housewife but the Muslim guy comes to her rescue.
It's a story where the mother of the Hindu girl addresses the Muslim boy as son.
Sounds extraordinary, right?
Believe me, the story really has an extraordinary plot!


I am very lucky to be interviewing such a daring author Sabi Shaikh.



Q- Do you enjoy giving interviews?
A- Yes
(An honest reply!)



Q- Why do you write?
A- To pour my pain in paper.



Q- Where do your ideas come from?
A- From the heart.
(A true writer!)



Q- What is the hardest thing about writing?
A- Finding a silent atmosphere.
(I knew that Mars is a better planet!)



Q- How much research do you do for your novel?
A- For writing a love genre no research is required. For the other you need to do your homework.



Q- While writing do you take drugs or drink alcohol to lift up your imagination? :P
A- No
(A serious no! Lol....)



Q- Which writers inspire you?
A- I am not much of a reader but yes Chetan Sir did inspire me a lot.



Q- What is your favourite quote?
A- Impossible is just a word. Means nothing by Sabi Shaikh.
(Words of wisdom)



Q- What is the most demeaning thing said about you as a writer?
A- People just call me crazy coz I quit my job for writing. They still do.
(Stupid people and their stupid views!)



Q- What do you consider as your biggest failure?
A- Every failure is big in its own way. I have tasted more failures when compared to success. I failed class ninth. I had to repeat it. Lost a year. It acted like a reality check and life change for the good.
(Life really changed for the good!)



Q- What were you like at the school?
A- A very weak guy who was often bullied. I was bad at studies also.
(That explains the biceps and triceps in his body!)



Q- What's the most blatant lie you have ever told?
A- That I am a very good guitar player.

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