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Michael McGurn - General Counsel

May 10, 2009
By NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
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Michael McGurn graduated from the college of Arizona State University in 1975 with a degree of Bachelor science, and Political science, all with distinction. He also graduated from Northern Illinois University School of Law in 1978. From 1978 through 1997, Michael McGurn practiced law in different law firms, in which he was an associate and partner. In 1998, he became the general counsel for a major land developer and home builder. Presently, he has represented various corporations, banks, and entrepreneurial individuals; concentrating in real estate, land use, corporate, finance, human resources, leases, and management of litigation. In his current position, he represents the land developer and home builder in land acquisitions, zoning, annexation agreements, project financing, corporate financing, and litigation. He has also represented the owner of the company in connection of a golf course, office building, shopping centers, Mortgage Company, and a charter jet company.

Matt: How long have you been an attorney and who have you represented or helped in your career?

Michael: I have been an attorney since 1978, so roughly around thirty and a half years. People I have represented in my career are Elkay Manufacturing – Water cooler division, Portillos Hotdogs Inc., Portable tools Inc., Care Animal Hospital of Arlington Heights, Continental bank, Breyor Croft Savings, Ben Franklin Savings, American National Bank, Herris Bank, numerous home builders and homebuilder associations and Montalbano Homes.

Matt: What do you like to do most as a lawyer?

Michael: I like to resolve problems such as legal issues, and also document contracts to avoid possible issues in the future.

Matt: What do you like the least about being a lawyer?

Michael: I honestly dislike working with stupid people and disingenuous lawyers.

Matt: What or who inspired you the most in your life to become a lawyer?

Michael: I am a fourth generation attorney, and growing up with my father, who put no pressure on me to become an attorney, impressed me with what he did in his line of work as an attorney. Watching what he did inspired me to becoming an attorney at the age of ten.

Matt: What do you regret the most about being a lawyer?

Michael: It is not a 40 hour workweek like most jobs; it keeps me from spending time with my family quite frequently.

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