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Who really is your hero?

July 19, 2015
By Maddiecakes BRONZE, Chapman, Kansas
Maddiecakes BRONZE, Chapman, Kansas
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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” -Virginia Woolf

Who is my hero? I have been asked this simple, yet difficult, question many times in my life. In the subject line of an essay contest, in a getting-to-know-you question, or in an English assignment. And I’ve never been able to answer this question, at least not honestly, until now.

Who is my hero? The number one answer said by teens is their mother. Oprah, Gandhi, and Jesus are high in the list of answers. The military, firefighters, police officers are also among the list of the top answers. And these, of course, are excellent answers, but they aren’t mine. I do admire the courage of our soldiers and the wisdom of Gandhi. But I can honestly say they aren’t my hero.

What makes someone a hero? Is it their courage, their knowledge, or their kindness? Or is it none of these things? Is it perhaps a favorite book character or someone who is greatly admired? I believe a hero to be someone greatly appreciated by other people, who is looked up to for strength when times are rough. I believe a hero to be someone who is there not only when needed, but is a constant.

So here is my hero: you. My hero is you and me. Here you are standing in this great mystery called life, reading an essay done by a teenager, and you are my hero. You are alive and enjoying this great place that we call earth and you are my hero. I say to you: enjoy life and the little things. Enjoy sunsets and sunday brunches, dandelions and the smell of books. Enjoy the people who are in your life. Someone, somewhere out there looks up to you and you are their hero as much as you are mine. And I congratulate you for doing so well. There are so many beautiful people in the world and you are one of them. Keep on dreaming and never give up.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this when I saw children recalling who their hero was and noticed how they said superhero or celebrity figures. I thought to myself "they don't realize how important the people are in their lives" and I realized, all of those people are my heroes. Some people say that you can only have one hero, but I believe that to be impossible as how can only one person be your hero when there are so many beautiful people in the world?

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