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My Hero

September 5, 2008
By Anonymous

A hero is somebody who you look up to and want to be like when you get older. They are people who do everything for other people and are a leader. They are somebody who has courage and will do what it takes to help others. My hero is my dad and he has all of these characteristics. He has a job making sure that people are safe, he will help others when they need help, and he does all of it because he loves God and wants to become more like him.

Most dads go to work so that their family can get what they need. My dad does that but he also goes to work making sure that people are safe. He is an engineer and works on airbags, so that people are safe when they are in a car. “It’s rewarding to know that what you are doing might be saving somebody’s life,” he says. He does this so that everyone is safe if something bad happens.

Do you know someone who is first to be in the scene if an accident happens? My dad is one of those people. My dad had gone to New Orleans to help out after Hurricane Katrina hit, he’s saved a lady from a pit bull attack, and he’s goes out to help when somebody gets into a car crash. He has courage to help out when somebody is in trouble, or needs help. “I was following Jesus’ example, that’s what he would have done,” he says when I ask him what made him want to help. I believe that having courage is a trait of a hero, and my dad has that.

My dad is also a strong follower of Christ. He volunteers at our church as a deacon. He looks after the property, make sure that it is in good condition. He works hard to serve others and encourages others to serve too. My dad is a Christian and wants to be more like Jesus.

My dad does everything for other people; he has a job to save others, has courage to help people and does everything for to be a better person. The people that are like my dad are the people that make our world what it is today. They are the people that fight for what is right.

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