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By Anonymous

   A hero does positive things and is someone I can look up toand respect. I do not envy this person, or want to be exactlylike her, but I do have to want to do the things my hero doesthat make her my hero.

My hero is not the hottest guy Ihave ever seen. My hero is a woman. She may not be theprettiest woman in the world, but she is the most generous,kind and caring person I know. Her name is RosieO'Donnell.

Although I have never had the pleasure andhonor of meeting her I know who she is and what she does forpeople every day. Rosie is a comedian and actress who has beenin several movies (she played Betty Rubble in "TheFlintstones" and Doris in "A League of their Own"), appearedon many television shows and is a host for several charitableevents.

But it is her "Rosie O'Donnell Show" that hasinfluenced me the most. Day after day, I watch Rosie with myfamily; she has become a staple in our television viewing. Ireally enjoy seeing her guests and what she does, not tomention how funny she is. Rosie always makes us laugh; she hasa great sense of humor, and I really like that.

Rosie is magnificent; her personality makes her shine. Herkindness when she gives to charities is just one example of aperson who has become a celebrity, caring enough to give toothers. On her show she sets up games for the audience to winmoney for charities. One time she read that Scope called herthe most unkissable woman of the year. Listerine said theywould give her one thousand dollars for every kiss she gotwhile on the show. She got a lot.

When celebritiesbring things for her, she has them sign them. Then she hasthese items auctioned off on the Internet to raise money forcharities. Rosie is always helping kids and people who reallyneed it. How can you beat that?

After college I willtry my best to give at least a small amount of my salary tocharities. It is because of Rosie that I started to thinkabout what I'm going to do with my money and how I can make adifference in someone's life. If I ever met her, I would thankher. Thank you, Rosie O'Donnell, thank you!

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i love this so much!