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Mother: Sandra R. MAG

By Anonymous

   My hero is not in a comic book or on television.My hero is not on any billboard or magazine. She is not my hero justbecause of the many things she has accomplished or the wonderfulcontributions she makes. My hero is the special person she is because ofthe way she makes me feel. When I am unhappy, she makes me laugh. Evenwhen she doesn't try, she brightens my day. My hero is a great listenerand can make perfect sense of what I am saying. She always finds a wayto help, and won't stop until she has done the best she can. My hero hasalways been there for me; she was there when I first giggled, crawled,walked and talked. She's always there on the first day of school becauseshe believes no child can afford to go without an education. That is whyshe became a teacher. I'm glad she did, so that others can be touched byher wisdom, beliefs, values, heart and personality. I'm so fortunate tohave the hero I do. I cannot imagine my world without her. This specialperson is not only a hero to me, but my friend, mother and confidant.

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i love this so much!