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Mother: Jean G. MAG

By Anonymous

     My hero and role model is my mom. She is my hero because she is very wise, intelligent,trustworthy and selfless.

My mom is as hard-working today as shealways has been. Right now she is a cashier and comes home to be the momwho cooks and washes clothes. She has been working in the customerservice and cash handling area for 28 years. She also works hard bydoing things right the first time. She does not quit when thingsget tough, she just puts her mind to it.

My mom is verytrustworthy because of her years of life experience. She always tries totell the truth. She’s the most honest person I know and alwaysspeaks her mind. I can count on her for just about anything.

Mymom is not selfish in any way. She usually gives all her time forothers. As long as I have known her, she has never cheated anyone.

One thing my mom likes to do more than anything is cook andshe’s very good at it. She figures out new recipes from her manybooks and enjoys making difficult meals. As long as everyone else ishappy, she is happy. As the saying goes, if Mama ain’t happy,ain’t nobody happy!

One more thing that makes my mom a herois that she is very wise. She knows how to interact with all kinds ofpeople. She also knows a lot about life and all its little traps.She’s “been there and done that.” She also reads a lotand educates herself, similar to Benjamin Franklin. Of course, she knowswhat’s right because she’s a mother and mothersknow.

My mom is a big hero because without her I would not be theperson I am today. I also would not be here, period. She has influencedme and inspired me to be a great person.

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i love this so much!