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My dad

March 30, 2010
By Anonymous

My dad is a hero. He's not the stereotypical, run into a burning building to save a kitten hero. He's not a war hero. But he is a hero. Heroes do not have to be people who saves lives, improve living conditions, chanmge things from bad to good. They just have ti be someone you look up to. My dad is a doctor and he takes prdie in what he does. He works hard and takes care of every patient, whether they can pay or not. He can take any situation and make it bearable and fun (unless he's irritated, like on cartrips and stuff. Can't make something fun for someone else if you're nto having fun yourself.) He's always there for me to answer questions, to help me through things that I couldn;t otherwise get through. He teaches me thignsmuch more important than science or math or reading. He teaches me how to be a human being, how to be kind, how to help people, how to workm hard. He teaches me to love God and have faith in him. He answers all my questions too. These are the reasons I love my dad.

The author's comments:
My dad inspired this piece, I was just reading about heroes, I hadn;t even read an article yet, but I thought of my dad, and how every little everyday hero deserves to be recognized.

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