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November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

I will never forget my first class of high school. I was in a shop class called intro to technology. The first day of class, the teacher Mr. Zelinger, walked into the room and threw fire crackers on the ground, scaring the class out of their socks. Yet, it was an exciting learning experience. He showed us how things worked in the most exciting ways. One day, to show combustion, he breathed fire.

I had Mr. Zelinger for all of my shop classes until my senior year. They were all my favorite classes. His classes were exciting and full of adventure. He always taught with a sense of humor that was hilarious, I can’t remember a day of class when I didn’t laugh, but at the same time, those were the classes I learned the most in. All of the mechanical skills he taught me will help me in my life and make me a better person. His teachings have taught me a ton about mechanical things and problem solving.

If you want to have an educator of the year that is not some boring average Jo vote Mr.Zelinger.

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