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Mr.Billittier -inspired by

September 18, 2023
By briannamerner33 BRONZE, Mundelein, Illinois
briannamerner33 BRONZE, Mundelein, Illinois
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Mr. Billittier, a teacher whose love for his students beamed bright. He was always the best way to start my mornings sophomore year of highschool. He was a huge soccer fan and taught Honors English 2 more in the position of a friend, not a teacher. Mr.Billittier was the kind of teacher that did not define you as a result of your standing grades, he only expected the best you could do - nothing less. 

Mr.Billittier’s entire atmosphere surrounding his classroom was bland. He had previous student work plastered on the walls. Complementing the art, banners of his favorite soccer teams and the college he graduated from were displayed. These plainess of his classroom walls was the complete opposite of his actual teachings. In my perspective I think he left his walls bland and undecorated because what was on the walls didnt matter to him, what really mattered was whether or not the students in his class would be leaving his room everyday with a smile on their face. His class was friendly and warm. He showed you that you were free in his classroom and no judgment was given. One thing in particular Mr. Bilittier did, on your birthday he would give you a red plastic gem. He had an entire bag of them waiting for birthdays and achievements. He wasn’t able to give many out due to summer birthdays, but my sophomore year I was given one due to winning the best project. It was about the dystopian novel 1984 - we had to create a playlist of Winston’s (the main character) top 5 songs from any genre and how it would describe his life. I worked hard on this project and wanted to show my understanding of the book as well as the project itself. The project was voted on by my peers and I happened to get the highest seed. The project taught me about how big of a factor that music can play into the world and in literature. I am not sure as to why those ruby-red gems stuck with me and meant something to me. I believe it was because it was his way to tell me I did a good job and my hard work paid off. Gratification that any kid wants and needs. I truly thank him for that. I thank him for enhancing my love for English. 

A golf club, a soccer banner, a huge ear-to-ear smile, how could you put a symbol on a teacher whose life isn't about settling for anything less of what you wanted to do? Mr.Billittier isn’t the type of person to throw bricks at you or ring a big brass bell to get your attention.  He talks to you and not at you with words and affirmations such as, “How are you?”, “How was your soccer game?”, etc. and this makes students listen. I wouldn't say he wasted his breath repeating himself because he would repeat what was needed to help students however many times he needed to. He wanted us to succeed. One thing I will always remember him by is the fact that everyday that was assigned as a ‘work day’ he would sit in a red chair with wheels and wheels around the entire classroom, checking in with every student. Doing this made him connect with every single one of us, without even knowing it and the impact it made. 


As a young student you never forget who your favorite teachers were, especially the ones who loved learning as much as they loved teaching. But, when one has a relaxed teacher you tend to let up due to you assuming you won't have any consequences. Many did this and took advantage of Mr.Billitteir and his faith in us as students. He understood that being a student in challenging classes creates an added stress and pressure level of wanting to be perfect all the time, and he knew we wanted to make him proud. Mr.Billittier dissolved those trying feelings by developing an atmosphere that gave you the sense of easement. Mr. Billittier never gave out the sense of not wanting to come to class nor the lack of amusement to teach, he welcomed every student into class with a smile and a simple greeting. I am now writing about him in my AP Lang Imitation because he gave me the confidence to take this class due to me knowing he would be there if I ever needed help (as well as my current teacher of course). “A grade does not define you.” he consistently declared. In every way, shape and form possible, I agree with Mr. Billettier  because I proved that statement to be true. 

The author's comments:

I am Junior in highschool and I wrote about this teacher because I admire his love for his students and I depicted that in my writing. 

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