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Mr. Jim Homan

April 12, 2022
By adeubel BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
adeubel BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Walking into the biggest classroom in the building right next to the Brookfield Academy front door, I had no idea what to expect from the highly-regarded Mr. Homan. Past students always spoke about how difficult the class was and how picky the teacher was, but I never really saw it. From the moment I waltzed in on the first day it was all business.

Mr. Homan looked like the classic history teacher from head to toe. He wore black pants with a button down short sleeve white shirt every single day. He had old thick glasses that sat in the middle between his full gray beard and his slick bald head. Mr. Homan had been teaching at BA for 35+ years when I was in seventh grade. This meant he had taught my older sister, my aunt, and even my dad 34 years prior. Every other day he would call me my dad's name and not even think about it. Mr. Homan was not just a 7th grade history teacher, but someone who taught much more.

If one teacher has truly made an impact on my life in and out of the classroom, it is Mr. Homan. Easily one of the smartest, most genuine people I have ever met. Before school everyday, I would stop in and say good morning and just chat a little bit. After about the fourth time doing it I remember asking myself, Why do I really go in there every morning?I thought and came up with the answer right away. I truly enjoyed talking with him and loved his positive contagious energy. From that day on, everyday of 7th grade I returned to Mr. Homan’s room for morning talk.

That Mr. Homan is not the same Mr. Homan that taught my history class in the middle of the day. Throughout the day you could hear Mr. Homan across the entire top floor and probably even down some levels too. Talking at the speed of light, pointing to the board, and cracking jokes the whole class would laugh at is what went on just about everyday. He made the most boring topic, history, the most fun, enjoyable class I had ever had.

Mr. Homan taught us about the American Revolution, The Civil War, slavery, how to write inside the margins, and most importantly how to be a good person. Someone who, “exemplifies the ideals of the Academy”, as BA would say. Character. Heritage. Individuality. Intellect. Truth. A phenomenal teacher, but an even better person.

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